Testing 222: Venerable Forging!


Not sure I understand how the Auto-close boon works.
I get that you hit a door once, it activates the Auto-close on a door.
• But does it disable the effect if you hit the door a second time?
• How do we easily see if a door has been hit by the Auto-close boon?


Is the AOE boon on fists fixed? The Power Grabber plus AOE could make it a really cool mining alternative if it was.


It isnt fixed. Been playing around on the test sever and the AOE on fist doesnt work.



when you look at the door it will have (Auto) at the end of its name

On a side note, the door will “auto” go to the sate it was in when you hit it… so in other words you can have it auto open or close ^^


Nice, thanks for the explanation. :wink:


Has anyone tested out whether the AOE on buff bombs gets hard coded or if it can be expanded with a boon?


Updated OP with details of Testing 222.1.


Haha, clever. :joy:

It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!



finally all the regen/healing/block change items will be easily identified;
it’s a nightmare when having titanium bombs in my inventory, one healing and one regen, and trying to equip them; so many mistakes happened


Glad I wasn’t the only one to catch that.


Ditto! I read that and just stopped and stared, wondering if I was just seeing what I wanted to see, or if it was legit.

This gets a nod of appreciation from me. :blush: (huuuge LoZ fan)


Yea that one in particular is probably my favorite.


Does this mean we can finally see healing bomb boon levels?


I guess its time to go and check the game again after a whole year break :smiley: :smiley:
This is looking awesome!


Auto closing doors is update off the year :joy:


Updated OP with details of Testing 222.2.


Update OP with details of Testing 222.3.


Update OP with @Jiivita Overview Video


I honestly think this is one of the funniest patch notes published to date :smile:


I don’t think I’ve ever gotten my hopes up so high and then dashed to bits like that within a 3 second period in my entire life. Still epic to be able to stack wearables soon tho!

Edit: this wasn’t a complaint by the way; my own fault and I instantly had a good laugh at myself over it…