Testing 222: Venerable Forging!


Have you used a totem? Put a revive in it and it’s like adding protection so you don’t use it.


This is basically a bandaid for actual armor. Actual armor would work much like this. How bout adding actual armor instead of a weapon boon?


I actually think of it as a shield or a buckler. It’s very clever and takes limited development resources to implement.

However, I also concur that armor (that is torso, legs, boots, helm) should be in the game. It seems to me that it is an inevitable addition given the trajectory of development.


I would settle for a wood bucket on my head and a chrysominter lid on my chest. But a magic damage absorbing golden fist will do for a bit.


Just think of it as energy shield used by a race in a loincloth and using primitive tools… … … :wink:


You almost had my attention with bomb boons, but still no variation of a boon that removes/reduces block damage to make them not crater everything in existence when hunting.

Sad, sad day



Make “Hard as Nails” possible on Grapples!! Would be phenomenal…


I think it’s still a great win, but I agree, I’d love a No Terrain Damage boon.



This is great but would it be possible to pick up directly the creature loot once it dies because right now you have to hit it again after it dies which make this slightly useless. Though it still help others out by not cluttering there inventory with random blocks. I don’t know maybe my suggestion is making the power grabber boon almost identical to magnetic collector. I don’t think it’s useful enough to take up the third boon spot over durability or range.

Edit: I think it would be better to change this from a boon to a quirk.


You’re thinking of it as a weapon. This boon is for fist mining/gathering.


Now can we get debuff versions of these pleeeeaaaaasse!



Yea, i was thinking of it as a weapon but even then is it worth it to take up a boon spot like you are most likely going to take flanker’s florce and then the 2 remaining boons you would take devastating and hard hitter or swap one for heavy duty or busy bee. I don’t know, i still think the power grabber boon would be better as a quirk. :thinking:


Haha :DD First they (try to) get rid of the earthyam stockpiles with the chrysominter and then introduce that :smiley: Earthyams going to be gold.


Starberries will be much more valuable than earthyams… The Starberry Pies restore 300 energy per second for 30 minutes, which is epic for continuous mining. Earthyam foods only restore max energy without giving a buff (much better than cooked meat!). Combined though, they are a powerhouse for mining expeditions!


Wow, I am amazed with what you guys n gals come up with, I still have not figured out forging. Ha ha


I was mainly thinking about the new gum and the amount of earthyams it requires. Though after further calculations it seems to be worth the same as the other gums, so maybe it’s not going to suck all the earthyam there currently are stockpiled.


Star berries won’t go up too much. The farms bring in about 10k an hour maybe?

If they go up in sort of decent price I assume we will see more star berry farms erected to solve that price increase.

Same for yam farms. It sounds quite literally like they’re doing what we’ve needed for a long time and giving the most common items real value, which is what a few of us imagined was happening with the chrysominter release.

These are good changes and not things too many will have room to complain about I think.


Definitely… after playing on the test servers last night, I’m really looking forward to this being released to live!


It’s a disaster waiting to happen! Buff bombs sound amazing, but if this isn’t addressed first they will fall flat completely and players will quickly give up on trying to make them work. I’d definitely be more excited about them if I knew this was getting fixed as well.

Although, with the update it becomes kind of clear that bombs are meant primarily as a group buffing and healing mechanism (or at least that’s where they ended up), so maybe it’s worth considering just taking off the terrain damage by default and having a terrain damage boon instead (which could then also be leveled for bypassing block’s bomb armour).
Might make more sense than the other way around since combat bombs have a bunch of competing viable boons already and having to spend a slot just to make them usable in the first place might be bad. Terrain bombing is probably the type that should be more limited or harder to make, considering the massive impact.

I think this is an awesome change, I assume the new buff also conflicts with the other food buffs which means it’s going to be a toss-up between persisting for efficiency and starberry for speed. Which is neat!