Testing 222: Venerable Forging!


@james This is the Best news since release for me so faar, but one suggestion… Do you remember the old “bugged” Version of the changy chisel, that changed the block type + color in the Planets Spectrum when you changy chiseled a, to the Planet native, Block? We please want it back xDD. Everytime we talk with people about the bugged Version everyone is like “Ohhhh i want that”… You are missing out on a great forge effect :slight_smile:

But Everything else, Especially the unchisel Chisel is absolute GOLD, thank you


So run a hard as nails on an offhand fist and primary sling bow with shotgun. Am I not understanding the issue?



And these should also take 1 point of durability for each autoloot. Think of the drama!!

Make a suggestion. And try to think of how it would change the balance… does it break something? Make something super easy that used to be hard? Does it somehow unbalance the game?


Yes. Better believe we at the Golden Fist will be producing Armor Fists as soon as they’re available for live play!

They are our specialty after all ;).


full scale riots incoming!


My pitchfork is ready! Forged with durability of course :sob:


Just the calls of griefing alone would destroy the forums. You could never drop an item anywhere in the vicinity of another player again.


Launch it with also auto-looting surface resources and they won’t know how to react!


that would be at the same time both amazing and incredibly annoying :star_struck: :nauseated_face:



Oh what ever would I do?

I would be sooo mad…

… that I would probably just make or buy more like every other tool. Lol


I’m pretty sure this is a joke. You can put autoloot on anything. Can I offer you a diamond AoE hammer that’s only good for 200 swings or so?


Yes it is in jest.

I make or buy everything that I use and if something takes durability due to a wanted function of the tool then I’m good with that.

Also I will be making a bunch of loot tools later on seeing as how that is probably the easiest boon to get and max out lol

If someone can’t afford or make one hit me up


Someone needs to take james keyboard away…he is going to start a war !!


I would probably steer clear of the forums for a while if this was ever a thing.

Imagine the outrage from people trying for exo glowcaps and you are running around with this boon on a tool.


I don’t even know what is real anymore.


You just gotta be faster than me.


Make it happen!


Tbh I thought that’s how they worked already. Just realized it’s because I’m an oaf and swing my offhand repeatedly



Any remaining balance changes you guys need to make, just drop them all at once with the farming update/Hunter.

Devs need to commit to a vision for the game. Right now they are caught 50/50 trying to please too many people.

Nerf 3x3 AOE Titanium/Diamond hammers.
Nerf lootsticks.

Add farming.
Add hunter.
Add bomb mining.
Add more fun ways to mine gems.