Buff heal bomb range: hunt healer problemz

I solely heal and revive during hunts, but I haven’t been too happy with bomb heals failing to work on some people while in motion. If players are moving too quickly when hit with a heal bomb, it seems like I register a heal on the client side, but the server may not register the heal, dropping the player’s health back down to its original level.

Up to this point, I had forged topaz bombs with t3 heal, +range and +damage, taking advantage of the higher base explosion radius of topaz, under the assumption that the player position updates were the problem. So far this has worked fine as a workaround, so I know this is one piece of the puzzle.

However, with some advanced hunters using a max HP build meta, more throws of a topaz bomb are required. To overcome the durability battle, I forged diamond bombs to take advantage of the higher base damage. They work great if players are standing still, but they’re often not, during a meteor. I often end up reverting back to my topaz bombs. I just want to hit someone with a good bomb once and move on to the rest of the group.

I’m not sure what the true solution would look like, I’m just throwing my struggle out there! :sweat_smile:


XP for heals would be great too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hunters need healers. Heal bombing people and yourself seems to be the best solution because the grind to make healing brews is just horrible even at lv50+ it would take me hours just to grind from scratch every part I needed to make one mass stack of heals since there is almost no point in just making a single craft. The grind is awful for brews. So I turn to heal Bombs just like so many others. For those of us who run around healing others we should get a amount of XP equivalent to what hunters make from meteors.

No idea why they can’t flesh out the player to server connection I’m not knowledgeable in that expect, but I would hope something can be done to improve the performance.

Also to bring up another point the cost to the player to make the brews is high so the cost to buy them in a Shop reflects that. If you want to heal yourself it’s almost impossible at a lower level. I would recommend restructuring how brews are made a simple clay or glass bottle mixed with raw resources would be much simpler at least for low level brews so people can have a viable source of healing themselves that dnt require Bombs and a forge.


Pretty sure I was playing with someone (chatting in PS4 party) and had thrown a healing bomb at them, and they saw the affect of it, but it then went away, as if I had not healed them, same as what the attempting healer sees, health go up, then disappear. Pretty sure this happened… 70% sure.

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I have seen this happen many times. The player heals and then immediately drops back to where they were to start. I usually have to throw 3-4 bombs before it stops.


Hit someone with 6 bombs the other day before I gave up, lol.

I think the heal bombs should go. They don’t play well with the net code and their recipe undermines healing brews.

In its place we should get a way for healers to place a zone of healing that other players can stand in. That solves the networking issues and creates a new line of recipes that can be balanced fairly against brews. A series of advanced healing campfires for example. Perfect for battles.

Now that a guild helix can heal you based on the plot you’re in, the game should be close to supporting this technically.

Edit: make a single Advanced Campfire that you can load recipes into to start the buff. Load in some healing brews and the campfire heals ppl. Load in some food and the campfire restores energy. Etc. That way the campfire provides addtl reasons to consume existing resources.

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Turning the healing role into “the campfire placer” doesn’t sound that fun, but something must be done!


Issues like these make it hard to believe the devs actually play the game without cheat codes. Otherwise I would expect to see some post from them stating why and how they are combating it.

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It’s a pity they also removed the old basic healing potions in EA, I think it was just cooked meat and cooked starberries in the furnace, simple and cheap to make, not overpowered but great for topping up health every once in a while instead of just hiding/standing about waiting for it to go up by itself eventually.

Yea i dnt understated how they dnt understand why people say this game has to much grind. Have they even tried to make there potions it’s a joke now excuse me while I make some buckets fill them with water get the stuff to purify them then get the stuff to fortify them. :joy:

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Make it so the healing bombs create an aoe hot cloud?

edit: hot = healing over time

I got an old bomb rework thread that heads in that direction a bit:

Ultimately I think the devs will have bigger fish to fry than bombs for a long while which is why I tried to make the smaller campfire suggestion this time around. Although I agree it’s less fun than an active healing role, that role is gonna suck for a while due to latency. I’m kind of angling for the battle support class to look more like an engineer than a healer now.

I think my topaz bombs with forged range bonus of 1.5m+ are now also failing to heal because of position update lag. The only thing that defeats this is more range, and that means more bomb augments.

I might suggest a tiered, base range increase depending on the level of heal boon. Keep in mind that topaz is already failing the server check with base range 4m + 1.5m. Maybe HotH shouldn’t get the range increases until level 2 and 3 for the sake of balance?

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