Testing 224: Farming! (continued)


The color change once matured (usually the flower).

Goo Crops color depends on which block the crop have been harvested(Wild) or what color its mutated at.


Other than goo the plants look the same no matter where they are grown or gathered. @Gorillastomp is correct there is a definite color change when the plants are mature and ready for harvesting.


So if I wanted to make a field of…say regular earthyams for decoration then they will always look the same once matured?

If there was a color gradiant based on where it was planted or collected it would be cool…but totally not required of course.

I can always just mix different plant types together. So excited !


Yes. Once matured they look the same. And never wilt. The earthyams each are a different color so that is three different colors of flowers. If get back to my pc tonight I will post a picture.


The crops are growing in the wild. You might see a bit from these pictures. Starberry wines grow in the trees.
If you want it only for decorative purposes, you can mix them
Be ready to spend some skill points to be able to plant it.




Been four days @james since any news, getting antsy here shakes James back and forth, come on gimme news, gimme, gimme! :joy:


I know how to get information out of a Dev team!

looks up Boundless dev location and orders them yummy food to be delivered

Muahahahaha! Bribery! lol :smiley:


Yeah no! No time for food! They need to get to coding, stat! cracks whip

Perhaps order a nurse for an IV line and such so they can keep on going! :joy:


I still like my idea of sending a Guinness truck rolling up to the studio… :stuck_out_tongue: That will get them talking, and I’m sure they can use it!


Come on. Release the update already…


Yes release the Titans :metal:



Like a good Guinness, updates take time to pour and settle before they’re ready to drink… I don’t think it will be much longer to wait though :smiley:


Haha, nice!! :smiley:

No rush on my end actually… I’d rather it be done the way they want it and not rushed, especially given the new players that will be coming in experiences with it and the impact their words about it online can have. Got PLENTY to keep me busy in the game! :wink:

… But I’d still like to send a Guinness truck their way if I could. :rofl:


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