Testing 224: Farming! (continued)


Is this something that will be addressed as far as how water is rendered behind a door?

The water source is two blocks behind the door, not right next to it so I am not sure why this is happening but it does occur on all my doors being used for rice farming.


I think it’s more of a warning feature? At least if there was lava behind that door I would want a fair bit of advance notice =p


Warning feature. How am I supposed to hide lava behind doors🤦‍♂️


I would assume this is because the water takes up the full block space, whereas the door is slightly set back from the edge and is a mesh. Might be quite difficult to fix it.


Maybe. . I had not thought of lava being there. might have to see if it does the same thing.

EDIT: It does the same thing with all the fluids


If you put the door on the block in front of where it is? Will the water show. Right now it looks like the door is between the 2 blocks.


Can you please test with the door in front. Where the green highlighted block is in your picture. So the door swings out.


That works but you get a little bleed through on the edge

But if you add a block in front of that one, then you cannot see the fluid even on the edges (I did chisel it down to a slab). So you can still hide lava



Well that’s better than seeing the water/lava right through. Thank you for testing. I can hide lava. Woohoo!


We can do a new game show. .

Contestants will have to pick a door. . behind one door is a shiny new AOE Diamond Hammer (the crowd oohs and ahhs), Behind the second door is lava (the crowd screams out in terror).


Lol sounds like my kinda show.


Best news I’ve heard in a long time!


Guess it’s fair to joke about it, but if made on live, and if you actually start killing people who come to visit your build with lava (giving them the death penalty debuff), you might get reports, and I don’t know what stance devs like @james will take on that front.
I mean, personally, I would never do something like that. It’d be some high-level doucherie. I’d even say that it’s a branch of griefing, it adds toxicity to the game. On other games, you could get banned for that. On Creativerse, as someone who used to be an admin on public servers, I can tell you that you had to advertise with signs like “if you go that way, risks of death!” to do that, otherwise, ban hammer to the face!


The reality is I don’t know any normal person in this game that would intentionally do that. Also, honestly, you can already trick people and kill them now without lava.

From what I have seen and gleaned the Devs stance is you can’t protect everyone and there just needs to be a balance in accepting people might do things like this. They have managed to put good controls around these parts of the game and deserve the credit. They just work that balance as best as they can.

We cannot protect ourself from every jerk that might play this game and shouldn’t stop other people from enjoying parts of the game just because of 1 possible jerk. It isn’t right.


I would agree setting it up to do intentionally would be griefing and should be penalized. What I did find on closer examination is you can still see the lave through a closed door if you look at the hing side. There is a gap and you can just see through. Players might miss it but maybe if they know it is there it will prevent some accidents.


maybe we can get a new door asset where if there is lava is behind a door, the sign on it says a random listing of these things:

Death to ye who enter here…
This way to Hell…
Steam room…
World’s hottest tamales!

and whatever else the community can put in… :slight_smile:


I had an idea about placing coils and machines in mazes to potentially damage or kill players, as a “difficulty” setting. I never got around to it, but…


@james you guys are working so hard for this update. Almost everyone I’ve spoken to has been 100% positive and happy about the impending changes.

Your fixing the Regen bombs to ignore trolling is just an added bonus to QoL that further proves how much you guys care about the player base.

Thanks for listening… :nerd_face::+1:


I mean all they would have to do is close the door and then they would not be getting killed by lava. Not like the lava flow is fast.


Folks with your awesome test ability…could you answer:

Does the color of the crops change based on:

A: Nothing , crops are always the same color (growing Earthyam plants always look the same)
B: where the seed was collected from
C: Where the seed is planted

Would love to know <3