Testing 224: Farming! (continued)


My yields after the last update (expressed as the percentages displayed in the HUD)

Best Yields
Optimized for Crop Optimized for Seed
Crop Seed Crop Seed
Starberries 204 66 104 110
Glossy Starberries 194 58 104 104
Juicy Starberries 185 30 36 103
Earthyams 238 70 88 110
Waxy Earthyams 218 70 68 110
Exotic Earthyams 198 70 48 110
Kranut 204 20 40 110
Oortian Rice n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.
Oorum Wheat 180 100 100 110
Ancient Oats 220 100 100 120
Combustian Fraction 220 30 0 110
Kindling Mass 200 25 0 105
Goo (On Rock 350 10 0 95
Goo (on Gleam) 190 78 0 90

I have not redone my rice fields


I didn’t see details on the initial amount planted per type? Did I miss that somewhere?


Its percentage based, assumes 100 planted for the calculated returns


Thank you for this.


Gotta applaud Wonderstruck for acting on the regen bombs on meteorite issue so quickly, in this update! Great work!


I could be wrong, but I don’t think meteors spawn/fall in a beaconed area. Your farms should be fine. I assume you plotted above or below them to save the area right?


Yea meteors will not fall even close to the regen farms. Beaconed areas have a buffer from meteors i believe over 100 meters.


That’s correct, but meteor can fall quite near to beaconed areas. I’ve seen them around 8 plots away from the farm. If the protection area is e.g. 500 blocks, this would be a problem.

And I’ve had the situation where I wanted to build and before starting I had to get rid of a dormant meteorite to start on pristine land. That’s why I hope the protection time isn’t something like 24 hours but more like the 5 minutes a meteorite cannot be beaconed.


Ive never activated meteor while at one of our farms and they land all the time. The range would be disabled inside the active area. When it says you have discovered a level blah meteor.


I have to add that there have been times when hunting I have used someone’s build as cover. Most recently while exploring Serpensarindi, I almost solo’d a lv3 meteor by ducking in and out of a small building. Mighty blasting spitters didn’t stand a chance against his 1x2 doors! :sob: I got cocky and taken out by some bad to the bone cuttles.


It doesn’t sound like it will last for too long. Land regen naturally occurs in a matter of hours, if I remember correctly.

I assume the meteorite core is the box? @james Curious…I wonder if this is applied to meteors that fall in the wild & go dormant - ones that were never activated? Does this prevent being able to beacon the area too? If not & you beacon the area with dorm meteors, can you then regen bomb it? Apologies if this info was already posted & I over-looked it.


In fact, the vast majority of people who voted are in favor of it, including you.
90% wanted to be able to easly transfer beacons.
(60% even want to be able to sell beacons for coins.)


You are making an assumption that the 90% is an accurate representation of the whole Boundless player base or has an relevance on whether a change should happen or not. Additionally, the use of the words “many people are against this” is still valid under this case so trying to bring a “vote” into it really does not change anything in being allowed to use those words.

Either way the concerns people have on why this is a bad idea are 100% relevant and should be of concern even if a people want this. It is not smart development practice to only chose and deploy solutions that are only defined and justified by a “percentage of people wanting it” is more than the “percentage of people that are against it.” It can lead to a lot of problems in the future…


You’ve triggered them but not activated them?

That sounds good, that range isn’t too big.


You can’t regen bomb what’s beaconed.


Yea you can trigger a meteor to fall but doesn’t mean it can land in range of you to activate.


These are the percentages you see when you hover over each plant that is optimized. So for a crop optimized starberry it will tell you 204% Crop 66% Seed. So this is the programmed yield.


Ditto this, major props to them, though I don’t do the group hunts myself, happy for everybody that does. :slight_smile: Another virtual round of :beer: for the devs!


I managed to find a nice way to optimise the rice fields… adding to your chart

Best Yields
Optimized for Crop Optimized for Seed
Crop Seed Crop Seed
Oortian Rice 200 100 120 115

I would expect this to change in a coming balance pass as they seem only marginally different to me.


Thanks for this data. I have had problems to get good goo numbers so this table was good reference. Still I couldn’t make numbers good when I did plant goo on gleam so I did go check your farm :slight_smile:

I was able to locate some reason why I got bad numbers, I didn’t think that goo likes to have many lava blocks under certain radius.

Goo on gleam crop: 215% seed: 75%. Using refined gleam and lantern crop decreases by 5 and 10 (refined 210% and lantern 205%).