Testing 224: Farming! (continued)


I am thinking July 12, 2020


Any improvements on the water next to glass?


I think the water unintentionally looks a bit convex in some lighting. (examples on the left side)

If I stand in the water or at certain angles, it looks smooth and exactly like real life water/texture/reflections. (examples on the right side)

Testing 224.14 - Water Texture is off-putting

At least the people testing are helping to give the rest of the player base a hopefully smoother, trouble-free more balanced release. Here’s to a little more testing and silver-linings :beers:


This is terribly selfish of me, but each day that passes before Saturday without it dropping, I’m like, whew… out of town til late that day so I’m not missing out yet. :wink: Don’t want to get a ticket speeding home then, hehe, I’m in Boundless withdrawal as it is! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: On serious note too, yeah, want them to get everything done and tested well too, as @Stretchious says.


We do these things so you don’t have to.


I’m on testing every night :slight_smile:

Looking forwards to farming landing on live so everyone can get stuck in :+1:


It IS terribly selfish of you. Lol. Jk.
Now I know why your stores been empty. Thought you rage quit or something. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Lol.
@Stretchious but I want placable water and lava now! Hahaha.
I’ll definitely cheers yeah though. I love me some cold beer on a hot summers day. :beers::beers::beers::beers:. Or any day.


Dude, pleeeeease don’t whine about testing taking time! Don’t press things!
Trust me, I want that too. Right now, I’m also vibrating with the desire to add placeable liquids in my build on live. It’s starting to make burn marks on my chair.

But honestly, if the update comes out in its current state, even with crops being perfectly balanced, with how bad the water currently looks (feels like a step back, honestly), and how dead the refined gleam and power coils are looking, I’d be pissed off. And that’s not even all of it. The changes to the lights have affected a lot of other things.

@james Look at the difference between Live and Testing for the Sanctum :

On testing, it looks waaaaay darker!

Large surfaces of water are currently looking as mirror-ish as on live (which isn’t a good thing, IMHO, it sometimes makes it hard to read where the water starts and where a build emerges).

In real-life, in almost every situations, waves on the water disrupt reflections on the surface.
I’d say, just reduce the opacity of the surface texture by 30%, reduce drastically the bump/normal-map effect, and reduce the reflections by a good 50%. It’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too reflective!
I’d even say,there should be a masking-texture in the reflection component, instead of a diffuse texture on the surface.


Had a swing by your place and your equally fine neighbours, @Kal-Els. Palace, on testing (i have a very untidy mess beaconed close by) , … Amazing amount of work put in… Thank you on behalf of the rest of us eagerly awaiting this update to drop.


It’s definitely my pleasure! I’ve really enjoyed testing this update :smile:


Haven’t been on testing since that new water, but it looks on screenshot like it would have very thin layer of ice :confused:

Good compare pictures of sanctum, when I did log in first time on testing I noticed it being darker but since my eye got used to it. I like it much better on testing than live!


Update OP with details of Testing 224.14. Mainly just little fixes and changes required for Live.


good call :+1:


Next up: character transfer from PS4 to PC… :smiley:


What does that mean / how long does that take?

Damn… 3 of my regen farms are in the center of a zone :slight_smile:


You might have to strategically place a couple beacons outside the farms at least the distance of the radius of a meteor zone, I’m not sure about all the selection heuristics of meteor spawns but I’m sure it would make it impossible


Meteors will never fall within a certain distance of a beacon (inclusive of all plots attached), so your farms should be perfectly fine.


How about unlocking this function via a plot transfer “token” you can buy with cubits?


I think the other threads about the issues around plot transfer are quiet evident and that many people are against this. We shouldn’t be promoting more scope adjustment to this release since it deals with Farming. More conversation should happen on plot transfers between different people as well as between a person’s account and their ALTs.