Testing 224: Farming! (continued)


i think its okay, maybe ^^ :slight_smile:


Some quick calculations on the returns from 100 starting goo

When mutating
65% / 90%

When you have the mutated seeds
Prioritizing seeds (long term gains) vs produce (fast but not sustainable)


Great analysis. I can see where if a Goo seed has to be mutated several times to get to the color you want where you would have to plant a lot in order to guarantee you got what you wanted in the end and had enough seeds of the correct color to produce the dye.


The Goo balance is setup so that:

  1. There is a leaky cost to mutating colours.
  2. But probably don’t want to be mutating colours 15 rounds - as there is a cost. Also 15 rounds would be taking the most distance colours and transitioning between them. Basically deliberately starting at the worst possible place.
  3. You also don’t need to mutate them 15 rounds, as the worlds give you many different goo colours. There will be a much better colour to start from.
  4. It’s much more efficient to find some closer colours and mutate it only a few rounds.
  5. But even then - as you can mix colours at the end - maybe you don’t need to mutate any colours.
  6. Mutating is mainly required for the edge colours which you can create by mixing.
  7. The crop yield is high - so that you can get lots of output once. This allows you to “make up” for the seeds you’ve lost during mutation.
  8. The wild crop distribution is also high - so that you should be able to easily gather the wild goo.


I have not hunted for goo on test so sorry to ask this, but on a particular exo is the goo that is growing only one color or several colors?


That’s a good question.
I think it would be cool of they acted like the boulder types and took on the color of whatever block they are generated on.


From what I recall, they grow on rock in the wild and take on the rock colour, so potentially up to 3 goo colours per exo world. This maybe have changed though (I’ve not actually gone looking for any myself yet!).


As @Stretchious correctly responds, surface resources (including Goo) take their colour from the block they’re on. Goo can grow on 3x rock and sponge (would need to check Gleam), that means they’ll be a minimum of 3 colours per world, and maybe more.

But obviously over time, these colours will change as exoworlds come and go.


Will the gleam need to be raw or refined, will that make any difference to the mutation?


I can only get it to work on raw gleam. @Stretchious has gotten it to work on all types of gleam including lanterns.


Interesting, @Stretchious which gleam seems to work better?


Lanterns are best, purely from a growth time perspective. There’s about 5 hours difference between lanterns and raw gleam, with refined sittting somewhere in between.

Additionally gleam has different brightness levels now too. So cool, crisp, luminous, bright colours should also be better.


On Testing was able to get goo 215% crop 75% seed. That’s serviceable I can work with that.


I can show you my set up where I got goo to 350% of you want but your seed goes down to 10%.

But your way does give you a lot more seed back.


That 350 would definitely be the way to go once you get the color you want. Should I try to find your location on testing? you left cords on earlier post


yes I did. . when you get there, there is a white building with a sign by the door saying inorganics farm and the release number (224.11 or 224.12). It is the second building behind the giant statue. I think the test servers are down for an upgrade right now or I could meet you there.


Updated OP with details of 224.13. Mainly just a few fixes. No crop balance changes.


Would you care to define small chance? 5% of the time or 30% of the time?


Really more testing. :man_facepalming: I can’t look at this thread anymore.


Maybe just maybe a release tomorrow, or friday??? keeps fingers crossed