Testing 224: Farming! (continued)


With the help of @Stretchious I managed to get 350% crop yield on goo


I hope someone will compile a thread with schematics on how to make the most optimized farms. I’m currently freeing-up some space for an underground farm which will be lite by refined gleam.


I am not necessarily a good documenter but you are free to come and explore all around my test build on Havran I (Kal-el Farming is the settlement (901N 1,704 E)

Edit: Anyone is free to come poke around. I have marked my most recent attempts with the testing version number


I’ve already checked-out some builds on Havran I. Sadly, you can’t see the the crop/seed yield unless you have permission in a build, so I’m never sure if what I’m looking at is good or not.

In the meantime, I’ll just prepare some big empty space. :stuck_out_tongue:


hmm that is disappointing

You can use the debug menu

This shows my crop at 350% and my seed at 10%

Edit: However I still agree it would be nice to have it documented for the players that cannot access test.



Although, no offense, but it’ll still be easier to wait for a guide when the update comes out rather than exploring Havran I in debug-mode to see what people are doing in the current build on testing. Things might still change.

Anyway, back to digging my hole!


Hmm I was testing some combustible farming and the whole room was growing just fine then suddenly without breaking the room all of the growing combustibles status changed to ‘CANNOT GROW’ and Im baffled to what has happened to cause this.

However the weirdest thing is when I open the doors to the place (night time right now - not tested day yet), some of the stuff starts growing again but not all! only certain ones in visible area of the entrance to the open door. The follow screenshot shows this…

Deleting the doors and completely sealing off the place doesn’t help at all the whole place remains with status unable to grow.


When you did you plant those?
Game got light update could it be issue?
Also I didn’t know it is possible to plant those to deco gravel :smiley:


Ok daytime now check out this plant when the door is closed…

Now when I Open the door to the daylight it now grows again…

Im baffled does s1 know whats wrong. Btw I started growing them today and rechecked them again and they were fine, then 3rd time I went back this issue started.


Okay some more information I got from debug, check out the sun factor on another room where they are growing just fine its equal to 0.

Then when I go back to my room I have a weird 249 sun factor which is the same factor as fully outdoor plants.

Weird right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Lava = sun/light? I don’t see any light source there :woman_shrugging:


Just made a new room with the same kind of layout as the old one just smaller, everything is fine.


Then when I Open the door the sun goes up to a 9.93 value so it must be looping past 249. A normal room is supposed to be at 0 sun and I assume the max is 255 then it loops to 0 which is no sun at all. So how did my room end up with the same value as fully outdoor plants. See this screenshot from when I open the door


Ive also come to realise that the sun 249 factor corresponds to the same as outdoor plants, so for some reason the game considers this large room to be fully outdoors all of a sudden. Its weird because the room was fine before.

Ok I edit this post for a new update below…

Exactly Half of the plots briefly returned to a 0 sun state making half the crops fine again, then when the game ticked/update again they all returned to a 249 state. This was without me leaving or doing anything in the room. This shows the game is clearly having a problem calculating if my room is outside or not, as sometimes it actually thinks the room is okay.


Thank you! That’s what I wanted to hear!!


Half the plots in the room still occasionally revert to 0 sun from 249 sun and the room shows signs that some growth is being made, yet the majority of the time it continues to say 249 sun in debug and all or half of the plants always say ‘CANNOT GROW’. But its weird how it often still grows despite this constant alternating state.


the bug is client-side, the server-side lighting is fine here (checked it out myself)

and is caused by having the top of the chunk “entirely” in 0 sunlight, hits an edge case where it just doesnt bother populating any sunlight data at all for those layers of the chunk and then get defaulted in sampling to “full sunlight”. When you open the door, sunlight floods in through the door and then it does populate some data at that level, so when you open the door its “correct”, and when you close the door, it gets broken again.

should be fixed in next patch.


oh no, i can not see any Update notification on live game :wink:


:sob: we haven’t done for at least 51 days! :cry:


I was able to get a 350% crop return on Goo. This does give you seeds at 10% so essentially you will have to redo the seeds for more of the same color.

The max I have gotten on Goo seeds is 90% when you are making a transition to another color on by growing the goo on gleam. So when you do this, there is a 10% chance that you will get nothing and have to start all over. That might be the choke point on getting enough of a certain color.