Testing 224: Farming! (continued)


Based on these screenshots i have to agree with you on that…hopefully this can still be changed…im very looking forward to be able to work with the placable water myself and to see the adjusted lighting :slight_smile:


So one thing you did differently was to grow it in rock and have the gleam near it. I was growing it on the gleam in order to have it mutate. . Maybe I need to have rock near it but I thought I had tried that. .

Edit: I change this to reflect your comment on not trying to mutate the goo in your example



You can get higher than this, for instance here:

Or this as I showed @FayaAOP before:

My feedback currently is that it seems odd that you can tweak goo to increase seed yield, but it won’t go over 100%, despite produce going down to 0%. Unless it still gives a single produce item even at 0%? But it’ll take a while until I can test that, since it takes over a day for the goo to mature.

I do however have the same question as @AeneaGames had earlier in the thread:


This is the theoretical maximum while prioritizing seeds

This prioritizes produce


I agree; I liked this water texture on Testing, it was way better - only needed just a little tweaking


This sums it up perfectly!


If you max using gleam to mutate then I believe you will get lower figures unfortunately

You lose the bonuses for growing on rock or sponge. Unless there is a way to do it I am not thinking of.


I am getting the lava bonus for the crop max


I understood that it doesn’t have to be planted on gleam, rather the light colour it receives mutates it.

On raw gleam you lose 5% produce and seeds compared to rock.

edit: I was wrong, to mutate it has to be planted on gleam. Makes more sense now.


Darn and here I was cheering hoping you were right. .

oh well. . I do hope the make a change so you can get something over 100% on seed if you do it right.


What a good water material needs is some kind of sea-foam texture on the surface only, where the water touches other blocks, like so :

That system has been created around 2009-2010 for World of Warcraft : Cataclysm. Problem is, the foam texture is too small, and when the water-level is low enough to get that foam texture on the entire surface of a water pound, it looks terrible.
Since they made that change to all the water across the game, their water engine sometimes produces atrocious results depending on a zone settings. It sometimes looks more like paint than water (if anyone here has been to Darnassus’ waters, they might know what I mean).
But in some other zones, it can also produce some amazing results :

You can see how the water is more transparent when it’s shallow, and harder to see through where it’s deep / far away.
And in more recent zones, such as the swamp of Naz’mir, they tried to do more advanced things such as this green diffuse texture on the surface of the water, which looks pretty awesome and sells the “dirty water you don’t wanna drink” vibe :

But that’s an exception.

A game which genre is closer to Boundless would be Eco, and their water looks waaaaaaay better than Boundless, from what I can see in the trailer :

Anyway. Point is, I think that’s the kind of water rendering we need in Boundless.


The Goo farming is designed to be the most advanced crop.

For example the wild crop is spawned into elemental exo worlds. Assuming you’re happy to harvest goo on these worlds then you can start farming it. (You could also trade / buy seeds - if you don’t want to visit the worlds.)

The goo should be plentiful on these worlds - but it is also finite. As it’s a resource it’ll not regen. On the Testing exo it’s the second most plentiful surface resource. So there are huge amounts there.

The goo is also configured to yield the highest ratio of seeds to crops.

You can also mix the goo when creating the sprays - so no colour is really wasted. As long as the output colour is what you want you can often increase the volume with a collection of other colours. Mixing is important, as it’ll turn a collection of many different colours into a larger amount of a single colour. With careful balance you should be able to generate which ever colours you want.

The “edge” colours will be harder to create - because they can’t be created by mixing. But maybe you can find these wild on a world? Or maybe you have the gleam to mutate towards them? There are quite a few paths to explore.

You will definitely be able to generate much more than “a handful of blocks in a novelty colour”. Larger quantities are only limited by your endeavour and finding the most efficient way to create them.

Cans of paint, 1 block painted per can?

Endeavour? Do I smell a guild helix on the wind?


Endeavour with a little e.


Awwwwww my hopes have been dashed! :sob::joy:
For those who are unaware : endeavour
an attempt to achieve a goal


I can’t wait to get started on the goo farming.

As always looks like some amazing changes and thanks for all the hard work to bring the community some viable content.


Just going to be blunt and totally have to agree that that water texture looks awful… perhaps a visit to somewhere like the London Aquarium for inspiration for Wonderstruck would help :slightly_smiling_face:


I liked the one be for this one. I think this one has a nice surface but the side view threw glass looks wrong.
if you guys could use this iteration for the surface and the last model for the sides it would be perfect.


Lava on the other hand looks amazing now!


True, but I got rather used to how it looked before… :thinking: Why not both… :stuck_out_tongue: