Testing 224: Farming! (continued)


It is specifically the block on which it is planted:

But there’s something else to it too, as here it doesn’t say it’ll morph and is still planted on gleam:


That setup works even the Lava is basically one block above, the chiselling makes it Count towards the lower block?
Or is it About range? I thought ist only on the horizontal axis that blocks Count?

But apparantlyt hats how it goes, thank you.


The lava is on the same horizontal level in that demo. I’ll change something and now you can see:


Yep agreed! On the todo list.


IMHO, the water looked better in earlier stages of testing.
The surface texture is not transparent enough. If you’re to have such a texture that clear, you should have it flow in one direction or something to that effect. That type of texture is usually used for water that flows.
Right now, it looks like the water has some sort of membrane floating on top of it, you know, like when you heat milk and there’s some kind of milk-skin on top?
I’d suggest avoiding as much as possible to rely on surface textures for water in a game like Boundless.



Coils and other such mechanical blocks with metal trims on them, and iron blocks, still seem way too dark on testing, to me…

Titanium is maybe a bit too much on the darker side but still looks fine, silver and gold are looking pretty much spot on now.


And emissive texture (gleam, power coils) are still looking terribly ‘inert’. Less so during the night, but still, huuuuge difference with live. All this talk about “release candidate” worries me. I really REALLY hope this’ll be fixed before release.


I think i got it now, it is the block the crop is planted in that Counts.
Thank you.


To be honest I completely glazed over that but on closer inspection of coils, have to agree with that!


Looks great, especially love the crops emitting a bit of light and the light color matching on the goo with that, that will be hugely helpful I think. Thanks for all the work on this, really can’t wait to play with it! :smiley:


I like. :+1:


Thanks for posting that, that is perfect, really cool! Oh yeah, great call on doing that. :+1:


It’s cool since it gives a bit more life into the caves and they could be used as ambient light in builds as well.


Will these be able to just be collected with the gather epic also? like regular plants and boulders.


Probably not, since you can just grow them


The Wild/Farmed crops can’t be harvested with epic gathering.


would be a nice decorative aspect i would use.


I am having issues getting goo to return more than 90% seeds. I have planted on various things (rock, gleam, refined gleam and a gleam lantern and cannot get any difference in the seed yield. once there is growth on two sides adding any additional growth is not changing the percentage. I made sure the room was dark. it is behind two metal doors with no windows. . what could I be missing?

I can get 170% on crops using lava and planting on refined gleam.


I agree it does look like there is an oil slick and I think underwater through glass is not looking as good as it did before


Maximum I could get myself was 95%…

The room doesn’t have to be dark as you can see. To be clear too, this goo will not mutate – goo that will mutate will say so on the metainfo.