Testing 224: Farming! (continued)


Goo seeds are not self replacing so continual gathering from the wild would be required which means continual need for mutation. I guess the interesting question is whether or not the fastest route to particular color would be to mutate two colors to mix together or to keep replanting until you get the exact pigment of the gleam that it is planted on…

Not to mention all the colors of gleam already exists as already mentioned but is there really enough of each color for a large-scale farming operation?


there is a degree of mutation as well, so that the goo will go “towards” the gleam colour, but at each step might mutate to an adjacent colour as well, so even with a group of goo all the same colour, and gleam all th same colour, you can get quite a large variation of colours out


I suppose technically speaking that’s true, yes; it’s just that currently there’s no way of acquiring more through one’s own efforts. You have to wait for an exo to maybe have the colour you want, and then to find the time to go get it, or find someone who will sell it to you.

I’d like to have large amounts of bright mustard or stark mustard gleam, but I have never ever seen these for sale anywhere. And given that they’ve probably only come from the gleambow event so far, the prices will likely be unrealistic for me to be able to buy a decent amount of them.

Given the time that will get put into goo farming, it doesn’t seem to me that specific gleam tints would necessarily lose a lot value for being able to tint gleam, if that’s a concern. It would still take a lot of time and effort to get the gleam colours that you’re after.


Yeah, there’s not enough of it out there for a large scale farm…

I’m sure glad I didn’t sell my black gleam now tho!

Am seriously wondering how easy or how difficult it’s going to be to get the colours we want in amounts that are usable in our builds especially since there are a lot of limitations in place it seems. Like goo can only be gotten from T7+ worlds (or was it also T6?) and those will be in a specific colour already and how easy will those be to mutate to the colour we want and how much gleam of a certain colour do we have to make it possible and how many of the goo will mutate to the colour we wanted, etc., etc.

I think here are the real balancing difficulties in my opinion…


The original testing post in the beginning says

Goo is found on Elemental Exoworlds


Goo can be found underneath Rock (most often underground) on Exoworlds

Spray tinting announcement says

Goo kernels are found on Gem or Lucent Exoworlds

So uhh, yeah

Lighting in Release 225 Status


Will the balancing of goo farming be done in such a way that everyone in the end is able to make large quantities of blocks in the colours they want or do we need to see tinting/goo farming as something we only get a handful of blocks in a novelty colour?


Unless I’m mistaken, with the new mutation mechanism, once you have a single goo in the exact color that you want, you can start to raise it without gleam light to propagate it and make more goo of the same color without a mutation chance. Add to that the ability to mix pigments to get specific shades, and I see no reason why certain colors should be in short or limited supply after a little refinement of the supply line.


But you can’t grow goo without gleam light. Or well, you can, but the growth time is something ridiculous like -99% with it.

I planted this 25 days ago



This is where I get confused with what I have seen so far. If each goo only drops one seed or one dye, then you cannot grow more. If it drops one of each then once you have the color you would always have the color without having to grow more unless you wanted to expand how many dyes you get per harvest cycle. Has anyone seen a way to max seed yield from goo versus crop in order to be able to continuously grow the color?


I have not had the chance to test yet, so it would seem I am indeed mistaken! Can torch/lantern light affect the growth rate instead? Perhaps gem torches could provide light without mutating the colors? It may be tedious to have to exactly match a gleam color to your output color, so having a 0 mutation light source would be a valuable addition.

@Kal-El I think if you break the goo before maturity, you may get multiple seeds without the goo pigment drop. Again, I’ve not tested for a while so I’m basing off of conjecture.


Does the color of the light source dictate the mutation or is it specifically the color of the gleam block on which it is planted?


I may have to test that I know that none of the other crops gives you any more than one seed before maturity but goo is different so the mechanic might be different. I was waiting for inorganics to be tweaked before doing more cave farming. .


It doesn’t dictate, but apparently pushes the color toward that end of the spectrum. It’s not yet recorded how much variation can occur.


Quickly, to the test server!


And I was just there testing berries again. . Which I do find interesting in that they are so far the only crop where maximizing the yield reduces the number of plants you can get into a plot.

So far I can get 48 Starberries, 24 Glossy Starberries or 12 Juicy Starberries per plot and max the seed or crop yield. On the other plants I can always get 48 per plot except for rice. And I probably need to see if I can do it for rice but was waiting to see if they made a crop or seed optimizing material.


Updated OP with details of Testing 224.12. Main change is a balance pass on the crop yields and conditions. This balance is a candidate for release - so please let us know what you think.

(We’re aware the Gleam conditions overflow the goo right-click and knowledge entries.)


Can’t wait to get my hands on this update as soon as it hits live.


Wasent goo the stuff that grows on ceilings? How do we Lava irrigate them? And doesnt sponge burn from Lava?
I might have everything wrong thou^^


Like so, as far as I can find. Any closer will burn the sponge away:

Edit for clarity:


Really love the crop info that was added in since the last time I went on the test server. Perfect :+1:

Side note: I do wish there was a 50% #000000 shaded box behind the text or something though. It can be hard to read sometimes.