Testing 224: Farming! (continued)


This week? :ok_hand::+1:

(past Friday and you might just lose me to dragon quest builders 2!:wink:)


Bound to be thursday. Thats when i go on holiday forna week


Delete please


Updated OP with details of Testing 224.11. Main change is switching the goo from atmosphere colour mutation to gleam mutation.


I think this is the better option. :+1:


Awesome love the idea with goo to gleam color!


But, but, but, will the emissive textures on gleam and power coils be fixed before live release, though? :o


Wow! I was kinda looking forward to having farms all over the place. This is probably a better way for most, though. I guess I can still have farms everywhere.


Could you use a different name? The noun till is the drawer on a cash register where the cash is kept and hopefully without your hand caught in it. A tiller is the part of a boat at the stern used for steering. The verb till refers to the action of working the soil with an implement like a plough, harrow, hoe, or digging stick.

A ‘Wood Digging Stick’ would be a fine name for a low-tech implement for tilling. Granted, it’s a little plain and unless you’ve studied anthropology you’re less likely to be familiar with the term than some here are with the word ‘yield.’ On the other hand, most people are familiar with the word ‘hoe’ since everyone does have their own hard row and Mr. McGregor was known to brandish one menacingly in many people’s misspent youths.

I understand the word ‘hoe’ may have alternate meanings in certain subcultures. This is true of many surprising words and phrases in common use (‘tossed salad’? really?). I wouldn’t let that stop me.

It would just irk me so hard to see the word till used as a noun that way. Though you might like to know.


IMO I think it’s fine. They are called garden tillers (not Till tho)



People say “till up the dirt for the garden…”


Thanks. It irks me as well.

Anyone got a better answer?

It really is a hoe.



-a person who tills, farmer.
-a person or thing that tills, cultivator.


-a person or thing that cultivates.
-an implement drawn between rows of growing plants to loosen the earth and destroy weeds.


-an agricultural implement used for cutting, lifting, turning over, and partly pulverizing soil.


-an agricultural implement with spike-like teeth or upright disks, drawn chiefly over plowed land to level it, break up clods, root up weeds, etc.


Frankly, it doesn’t have to be perfect. The current shovel is more of a pick mattock.


OK, I even own a couple of rototillers. I’d happily settle for tiller if I had to although to me that has connotations of powered implements (and forever having to tinker with my second-greatest nemesis, the pull-to-start small engine), whereas a hoe is a hand tool.

It’s the name till that I find vexsome. It’s a fine word, it’s just the wrong one.


Hoe is fine for the farming tool. Then my new shop “Prestige Worldwide” will be half complete


How about ‘rake’?


Perhaps “Hand Tiller” is most appropriate?


I guess this means that there would be no interest in allowing gleam to be tinted(sprayed) then?

However, I was thinking that if gleam could be sprayed different tints, then under this system, players could eventually create all the different colours of gleam and therefore be able to grow all the different goo tints directly, too. How would this align with the current design vision for the tinting system overall?

Either way, I think that the atmosphere tinting idea was novel and interesting, but indeed too complicated; I am happy to see this change to the tint mutation process. :slight_smile:


Totally agreed, love this change! Much more accessible for newer players and those with less time to play too, I think.


Players already have all of the colors of gleam, just not in large quantities.