Testing 224: Farming! (continued)


The Decorative Prestige crops will come in the next-next release (so Testing 226 / Live 227) but the assets are already being made.

I think the update is really really close to being ready. It all works. But we really want to get the balance right. Because once released it’s super hard (and emotional) to change the balance after!


Anyone who says the Dev’s aren’t paying attention, read that. :wink:
Keep up the good work!


This has been my point all along. From what I think, and I’m not sure about this. The developers wanted this game to remain in alpha for another 2 years at launch. They were rushed to release and thus all the quick, not so well thought about decisions came about. This game has very great potential and I believe we will get better and better. The devs are doing a great job. The responses to the community is highly commendable!


Ahh! Nice! So on Testing next week huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, I know that can be tricky! Tho good to hear it’s close to be ready! Sounds like only minor bugs and balance stuffs…

Is there anything specific in the current Testing of the balance you want us to look into?

Haven’t been on testing much lately, only wanted to test yesterday if the gleam bleed trick still works (and then my planet was down :cry:), which still works so I can continue my remodel of my lower level basement storage (out with the exo planet storage, in with the per colour one!). Anyway, so if there is something specific you want to get our emotional opinions about please tell what exactly and I plop down a field of those crops!


Agreed! I was once kinda hostile to them. I still can be a little emotional ( I sometimes drink jack and coke and play. Lol ) but they do love help make this game as best as it can be for ALL players.


About time!! :joy:. The 90 degrees on the single portals will help a lot for new players. Me having to explain to about 60 people so far how to do it is unnecessary. :stuck_out_tongue: why was this ever a thing anyway with only the single portals? Being the N/S placement or source portal side having to be N/S


The ‘gleam bleed’ trick will stay in, it’s a ‘choose not to fix’ in jira. :upside_down_face:


Someone explained it in here somewhere. It was unintended and the resources to fix it were scarce, until now I guess. I LOVE this fix, though.


Omg yes!! Well we had tested it and it seemed to break it. Must not be finalized?


I assume you are talking about light bleeding through to a neighbour voxel whenever the two faces are not ‘full voxel size’ regardless of whether there is actually a gap or not. That has and will not be fixed (by choice).


Awesome, thanks!!


Yes. Well once this was discovered we used the heck out of it. It’s a cool trick. I have a suggestion. Though this would require to change current gleam builds like mine and Fante’s out to what I’m suggesting. I’m not sure if it is possible. A new gleam block called radiant gleam. This gleam would bleed through any block with out a chisaled block. Coding for this may be impossible as is though. I am not sure.


Thank you guys so much for the hard work on this patch and the balancing of it. This is really great and thorough iteration of the systems. I think the extra time spent tweaking it all is really going to pay off!


So just wondering, I was using a wood shovel with forged 3x3 to harvest crops more efficiently but now even with AOE 3x3 the forged shovel only harvests one crop at a time now (is this a bug). Will we be able to forge the Tiller to be able to till large farms and harvest crops on large farms as well? @james


A forged 3x3 tool should be able to harvest 3x3 crops.


I know its a ittle hard to see under the crops but the ground is cracked where I went to harvest a 3x3 section. this only cleared one crop though.

All Effect Shovel:


Ok thanks. I’ve logged the issue.


The crops file should contain the latest data.

(Are you definitely looking at the latest data?)


Yes thanks, it’s on the todo list. Gloop gloop gloop.


Yes it’s the latest data. I’m not even sure what should I be seeing, the earthyam crop still has pretty standard conditions, maybe I’m missing something

edit: It was a cache issue…