Testing 224: Farming! (continued)


Some really good changes in this update… being able to plant crops for either increased crop or seed yield is amazing!


The game looks fantastic. :star_struck:

I love the direction this is going.


Man I can’t wait to get my hands on this update … starving over here.


Brah, lighting being the same for all players. :star_struck: Hunting.


Rly like how metal looks now!


Should this be reflected in crops.msgpack? I can’t figure it out in-game either :thinking:

Farming Update for PS4

Can you all post some screenshots of your farm layouts for me pretty please :slight_smile:
I’m over here waiting ever so patiently with my Ps4 :cry:


looks like the test servers are down atm… maybe another point update?


The Testing worlds are back online with the exoworlds.

I needed to reset the exoworlds and so they needed to be migrated. It was safer to do this with the universe closed.


Another update? Just got kicked, but I noticed planets in the sky were showing “offline”

30 minutes already, am now wondering what is going on.

Anyway, time to do something else apparently!




Updated OP with details of Testing 224.9.

IMPORTANT: Some of the worlds are currently offline whilst we investigate a migration issue. We don’t currently know when they will be back online.




This is huge!


I know right?! they could have just made Testing 224 this and been done with it :stuck_out_tongue:


Liquids is where the fun is, though. That’s gonna change the game for me.

Which reminds me!
@james I noticed when walking in a 1-block high volume of resin that there was no ‘splish-splosh’ sounds, as if you weren’t walking in a liquid like it does with water. I’d advise a little more sound-design work there.


Easier to read that way.


Heck yes! Love this!


Updated OP with details of Testing 224.10.

All worlds are back online and open for business.


Hey @james, many patch notes include something lately about the prestige crops even tho they would be added at a later date so I’m kinda wondering what the status on them is?

Are they gonna be in the Live patch?

Also, what everyone is of course wondering too, any idea when the Live patch might drop? I know you wanted to have it released a few weeks ago already but what is the feeling of the team of how ready it is currently? 90%? 99%?