Testing 224: Farming! (continued)


Ahhh, I was hoping for it to go live this week :frowning:


Me too, but looks as though it will go in to its 4th week of testing!


Testing is available - release notes to follow.


I’m already there 5 minutes ago :stuck_out_tongue:

… Oh, and I really like the changes to the crops!


James would it be possible to give us another permission option to beacons to allow fluids to pass between beacons with them both set up to allow it?
So I would go to my main beacon on my main character, there would be another permission tab on the options for characters, so i can select my alt and enable fluid pass through to their beacon, then log onto my alt, go to their main beacon, and do the same, allowing my main characters fluid pass through for this beacon?

Not great at explaining it, but i hope this made sense


The reason it cannot be done has been explained already. But, if you make the beacons guild controlled, it can be done.


Updated OP with details of Testing 224.8. Mainly including details of a large client lighting update to make server-side farming lighting and client-side visual lighting match identically. We’ve also make it respect doors and turbo charged it - so that world meshing does feel faster especially on lava worlds which have huge numbers of lights (from the lava). (And all the bling-bling gleam tastic builds!)


i didn’t test the skill based light, but i am in love with the current lighting intensities so far. :heart_eyes:


big thumb up for very natural looking colors in nature - I like changes, especially after this last patch where we have much better light intensity for sure, during night and mining underground (raw/refined gleam shown in screenshots below; note slightly brighter refined gleam light), although darker blocks still don’t show texture well enough even from very close (notice rock floor in screenshots 3 and 4):

indoors - finally bright enough underground staircase

for comparison, one spot before and after changes (notice bad circle effect on gleam blocks is less prominent); it’s a mix of daylight from the entrance on the left and gleam light; you can see easily that storage units and the tinter look brighter, even though I removed some gleam comparing to the time before last patch:


@james Could you respawn the exos on test server.


Try opening and closing your door and see the difference :wink:


no door in there I’m afraid lol - it’s a wider open entrance; it was the point of these shots anyway, to show mixed light; it’s when the ugly circle on gleam blocks appears

here difference between raw gleam, refined gleam and light source epic skill:


try gleam door now


Nice, this helps me keeping build farm better together :slight_smile:

Has any other player problem when collecting berry vines from distance (on wild)?
I keep targeting often vines instead of berries, could there be some sort of aim assist that it wouldn’t require hitting (certain face of) block?

Below short video of how gleam refrigerator light affects goo growing time.


in complete darkness here - plain, stylish and ornate (2 pieces placed in a roughly 5x5 room underground); plain seem to emit most light forward:


hum something not working here

this is the kind of light i get and it looks like you get none

Edit : did you get the black one ?


@James does this mean my suggestion to add a new dimmer type asset to the game is technically possible with more work and coding? The one where users can set the exact light level so that we could have rooms that are intentionally dim versus always at normal luminance? Note: I’m still primarily only focused on Lanterns being the only thing that can change but open to gleam adjustment with more steps involved.


all white ones
here’s outdoor, pun not intended (although nighttime)

and black gleam:

in the forest, further from my base lights:


nvm looks fine just the thumbnail looks darker i guess i looked at the full size image and there is light.