Testing 224 - Farming Earthyams and Bulb return ratio from harvest

Full release hardly even meaningful anymore. Especially in always online games. World of Warcraft makes massive system changes to the live servers, Eve does, No Mans Sky, hundreds more. Boundless was forced into release early, long before it was ready. Several systems are still place holder systems, yet have been in place for over a year now. The game lacks marketing because it is an unfinished product. Even meteors are a place holder mechanic for something greater. This resistance to progress is holding the game back from its potential. Pure obstruction.


Difference in WoW is that it is done through expansions, and each xpack is effectively a new game. Also everyone claims the release was forced, where has the team stated that they were forced to release? Otherwise it is just an assumption. Meteors are a direct response to when players found a way to make tons of mobs spawn, instead of banning said players and just removing the effect they worked it into a feature. The game plays well and is put together well, market and get more players and continue to ADD not replace or delete. Resistance to progress? You mean the people who paid for the game, who continue to support it through microtransactions? Screw them lets chase some other player base, that always ends well. Some of the best content has come from the dev teams relationship with the players. Only good things can come from feedback and open conversation.

Did I at all say only shops in the game. It is a part of the economy people make money from the farms. Thanks for the sarcasm by the way. Much appreciated. Everyone have a great morning/afternoon/evening.

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Bit of a summary of the highlights of this topic.

Points of contention
-seed yield per crop
-removing surface gathering for most of the farmable mats
-removing regen farming for the farmable mats

Possible compromises
-retention of all 3 systems and rebalance
-ability to roll mats back into seeds
-rebalancing seed yield

Overall keeping choice and player agency engaged with relation to the farmable mats is, in my opinion, the best way to approach any changes.

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Ha thought was still under other post. Either way enjoy all.

You can see this:

"The main thing is that we will continue to work towards the 1.0 release – and on that front something I can also reveal is that we’re planning to release later in 2018. The exact timing is dependent on a few things, but I do want to take this opportunity to make it clear that it’s unlikely we will be able to give six months’ notice for this.

So the release date itself will be months, not years… and the announcement of the release date will be in weeks, not months. Sorry to be so cryptic, but there are a few moving parts.

Wait, release might be sooner than we think??

We do indeed expect it to be within six months, so on that basis, probably."

The plan that was communicated consistently by the Developers before this post was that we would have a wipe, then 6 months of final balance testing, then a wipe and release. This changed when that post came… There are probably more references that I cannot find via search.

As you can see the plan was to release later in 2018. We ended up releasing early because Sony would not let PS4 go near Christmas and wanted it sooner. So the team had to adjust plans and release in August. Plus in various discussions the Devs have shared that the release date was moved up. Even in private conversations I have had they stated this and it was common knowledge with the community. No one would argue this fact.

Are you talking about the Community Hunts that some of us started promoting and running on a regular basis? There were adjustments to creature spawning and drops but Meteors were not created for THIS reason from my recollection. It was an feature that was decided to be added to improve game play. But in that case “hunting” and “creature drops” changed simnifically and was a huge nerf for those solo hunters because they were forced to do meteors. We didn’t go back on that decision no matter the community outcry that happened. So we shouldn’t now or if we do then we should bring back other huge game play components that were removed.

No one anywhere is arguing this point as wrong. But it does nothing to support why regen farming is a good choice to the game or should stay.

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As I pointed out in another comment, people were convinced the seed drop rate was utter trash before even testing it. The first thing I realized was that seed would be collected any time you left the base, to mine, to gather, to hunt, and visit exo-worlds. People saw seed gathering as a separate activity, when in reality, it would be something incorporated into your gameplay, much like people don’t really go flint farming.

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while the forge was not around till the last week of EA AOE mineing has been around for as long as i have been playing it was just built into the tool rather then needing to be forged

the forge and block armor is what killed mining for me

thats only if you need to go out to do someting else if say you have a few hours worth of building to do you stop for a moment to deal with your farm then boom farm ded cuz you now have to go out and gather seeds to re plant rather then just re plant and go back to what you where doing in the first place

i can see where people are comeing form for that the bigger farms it wont be that big of a deal cuz the output will make up for it but the under 8 plot farms and new players are really going to feel the low drop rate and content like this cant be geard towards end game players unless the devs make it obvious like saying its end game or locking out most of the stuff needed to start a farm to current max level exo worlds


Again, this assumes all you ever do is farm. What about the time you go outside of your base for mining or hunting for 3 hours and collect a ton of seeds? You’ll have a surplus for the next time you spend 3 hours in base building.

Oddly enough, you have this backwards. A smaller farm means it takes fewer seeds to replenish, and so new users are much less likely to see the seed bottlenecks as much as people with huge farms.

What’s harder to fill? 100 blocks of seeds, or 1,000 blocks of seeds? Assume 70% return, your 70/100 plants is going to look much fuller than your 700/1000 blocks.

In the post you quote nothing is mentioned about Sony wanting it to release in September. Unless the devs explicitly told you at some point this is just a guess…

You complained that people should not be vocal about changes the devs make because they then rollback ‘hours of development’ which essentially can be interpreted as ‘shut the heck up!’…

No one is asking to introduce anything new here…

‘probably’ being the correct word, I don’t see moving away from surface gathering and regen farming the secondary drops to JUST farming as being better for the game.

You could argue it’s better for the economy when not everyone has access to basics like berries, yams, rice, oats and flour so they will have to participate in the economy if they don’t want to farm (or can’t yet due to being low level, having no plots nor the skills for it) but the game didn’t force people to buy stuff now they will. Want some decorative stones? Sorry buy some waxy yams in order to make them.

Many low level players were able to use the regen farms to make coin, they were participating in the economy and now should find other ways of supporting themselves and actually spend money for the basics.

Doesn’t sound to me it’s better for the game. But that’s just opinion and I though we all could give ours here freely, don’t like to be told that we should not since the devs might roll back hours of changes…

Let’s just stop this discussion for now, it’s going nowhere anyway. The devs know by now how we think about it and they already mentioned they will make some changes, let us trust this time too they know best, ok? :wink:

Runescape? :smiley:

Never played it. I know in other games the material disappears after a while so you gotta move. Never played anything like Boundless where you can just regen bomb it.

Yes. Maybe it was mentioned other places but I am not sure.

Then that is the wrong perception. No where do I remember using any words or phrases that communicate this. I do not communicate that people should stop talking or say shut up or don’t share.

People can talk as much as they want but that does not mean the devs should listen unless the points have merit especially over those that are countering them. Additionally me being vocal against people speaking up is about holding them accountable to backing their points and providing data and evidence. I continuously use words and phrases and context that focus on getting people to clarify or justify especially points that are lacking in proof from my views.

The context was in introducing a game play dynamic that is then used in unintended ways especially against normal expectation of game play.

In this context I am talking about a future feature. But overall my arguments focus on original game play versus current game play. I try to stay away from “better or worst” in most cases because that is a subjective argument unless I use it in a general sense like above.

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With a little tweak on the seed drop the farming is awesome.

I would however not go in with the new and scratch the old just yet. I would let the old fade out if that is possible. It gives players the time to learn farming and see how great it really is and before you know it the regenfarms will no longer be needed. For the natural flow of the game the regenfarms do need to go… We tend to forget that we are playing an unfinished game and then forget to look at the big picture instead we are concerned about our own position and progress at this point. Anyone new to the game will say ofc it is logical to grow rice and grain to make food and pies. It was always a bit silly in my view how we had to harvest grass seeds to be able to have rice and flour…

At the same time I feel that gathering is still a feature that doesn’t get enough attention or “rewards”

I do agree with this. I am old enough in this game to know the fear for placing water and what it can do as a deconstruction tool but water is a major plus in the building feature of this game and attaching to forging is a step too far.


Don’t assume everyone plays the game the way you think they do. You assume I spend 3 hours gathering and I do not. I do not go out and hunt at all. I mine when I need to. I do not go out and gather for 3 hours because it is boring. And my experience in test is when I have gone looking around for seeds, I am not finding enough plants to replant my farm without specifically going out to gather what I need and not merely picking them up while looking for something else. And it has been very time consuming. Also all seeds do not all occur in the same biomes or even the same planet tiers so I will have to go out and visit multiple planets and multiple biomes in order to get all the seeds to replant my farm. My EXPERIENCE in testing is this is not a casual you can pick them up on the way to a mall. If they were that plentiful then it might not be a problem, but they are not.


I think this, along with seed drop rates, is all a matter of balance though. If there are not enough wild plants to sustain the populations needs, then they need to be increased.

I would imagine that, when this hits live, seeds are going to be quite rare as everyone will be after them


I think this is a possibility. Can it be corrected, sure the developers could drop two seeds for every wild plant or increase the number of wild plants. But in the interim, if the price of seeds begins to approach the price of the crop it grows that could have a very interesting affect on the economy.

I think it could also discourage players from farming. That would be a shame


The new plants could possibly be in short supply to begin with just like the desert sword was when 1.0 launched but I think as has been stated many times by @james that this is just a matter of adjusting the balance which won’t be known exactly until it is released so although it’s possible seeds could be in short supply initially i feel confident that it wouldn’t take too long for the Devs to make the adjustments once they have all the relevant data after release. If they released the update with too many plants available then there would be an overabundance which would devalue them and then if the Devs adjusted them down then a lot of people will probably see it as a nerf so they’re kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place, damned if they do, damned if they don’t … personally I’m really looking forward to this new update and all the extra content and challenges it could bring :slightly_smiling_face:


My results from today

Un-optimized Fields - Each field has 84 blocks planted of each crop (this is the third harvest for these fields)
Avena Oortiva - Crop 175 Seeds 44
Chaggeatarin - Crop 157 Seeds 35
Raw Earthyam - Crop 159 Seeds 34
Waxy Earthyam - Crop 157 Seeds 42
Exotic Earthyams - Crop 160 Seeds 36

Optimized Fields - Each Field has 152 blocks planted of each crop (this is the first harvest for these fields)
Avena Oortiva - Crop 331 Seeds 101
Chaggeatarin - Crop 342 Seeds 97
Raw Earthyam - Crop 332 Seeds 111
Waxy Earthyam - Crop 344 Seeds 95
Exotic Earthyams - Crop 343 Seeds 111

Replanting to see if I get similar results again

I will harvest rice tomorrow. I have optimized and unoptimized fields for those also.

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not really cuz of this part

end game smailler farms sure but new players are going to be lucky to get a 20% return this is the satisfactory of content updates where building the base will take people a hour and then a week to optimize unless you have a plant in the right lighting with the right blocks around with the right conditions you will get a good return otherwise its a dirt low yield and a new player is not going to know that or even know how to get the best optimization till much later