Testing 224: Farming! [TESTING universe is OFFLINE]


Testing is offline whilst we resolve a crash issue.

We don’t expect to bring the universe back online until Tuesday lunchtime (UTC).





Ok hands up, who broke testing … and don’t blame Jeff this time…


It was me. . I tried to mix Lava, Petrolum, Water and Amber and guess what happened??


So? Update this week? :crossed_fingers:


I was going to try that lol, glad I didn’t now :joy:


They need a warning. “Remember kids do not try this at home”


Unless you’re a trained professional :crazy_face:


Its because the hunter mob is writing the code for the farming update?


but but… i was going to do an experimental “early bird” live stream on the test servers =P

No worries, maybe i’ll just steam some stuff on my Let’s Play character :thinking:




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