Testing 224: Farming!

That is only the basic forms. Because they drop from the plants in the wild in addition to the seed.

I read your other post and see the wider issues you are bringing up.

The idea of depreciated seeds…I am on board with.

However, I see how you tied that issue to the removal of Regen farming for these items and how this creates a larger time sink to get effectively less.

I think we should offer feedback on :

  1. yield ratios of the crop
  2. Number of seed drops from wild plants

Regen bombing for resource gathering has its problems…tool requirements, forged components ect…

I would rather grow plants then dig the same hole 30 times.

But farming needs to be worth it. Wild plants dropping a lot of seeds and when grown yeilding many of an item would be great balance points while keeping the seed piece.


What if you could either make a seed farm, or a produce farm. Seed configuration of soils and irrigation etc. gives you >1 seed per plant but abysmal produce. Produce configuration gives you abysmal seeds but good produce. Then it’s your job to decide where in that gradient you want the farm to be, or have both versions of the farms, so you’re able to continue the cycle without gathering more.

That’s how some plants are farmed irl too.


Perhaps they could do it so you get either more seeds or more produce depending on that type of tool you use to harvest your crops.

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I fully agree with all you posted. As i wrote further up, beeing forced to Play Content for Contents sake without Alternate way is not the way it should go. I fully agree that this patch and the work the Dev Team does is cool, but not if we are forced to do the Content because it is there.
Wild plants not dropping anymore, fine then, but make it at least 1 seed i fully agree. Else, what is the Point? Oh, the economy angle? I honestly i dont care?




Ok :). So no more exotic yams from mud?

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Yes, mud only drops mud in in testing atm. Clay drops only clay, peat drops peat, silty drops silty. Ash still drops suplhur and gravel drops saltpetre and cobalt, sand drops olivine and cobalt.


Finally word farming will get its meaning back.
No more shoveling or axing the same spot with regen :bomb:

Viva la vida!


The wild plants will still have their drops. It’s the soil etc that won’t have them is what I understood from the notes. And @Mayumichi confirmed the soil/mud aspect

Bark, glass and brick farming incoming? :smiley:

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Are orbs still dropping from corruption and growth? I kinda hope I can close my farm :sweat_smile:

Yes, they only removed the currently farmable resources from the block drop tables. Orbs can’t be farmed (yet?) so they stay.

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:unamused: drats… if I had reread the notes I probably would have realized that. Thanks for the confirmation tho :blush:

Earthyam and Starberry foods will no longer drop from Blocks and wild Surface Resource Plants.

While i wish you were Right, you are not :slight_smile:

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you get some from the new surface resource where they drop the seed, but its really low drop.


Thank you for the info.

Are there any plans to add the item being tinted to the Spray Tinter? I think it would look really good if the item being sprayed were visible on top of the spray plate!!


Well, Spineback Plants are only good for their looks and petals now, pretty much.


The Pigment Processor is pretty good… costly in spark, but pretty good!

I found out how to mix some random pigments to create a colour I use on the live servers :smiley:

I just need to get it coiled up now … in about 5 hours time as the new machines are not available on the F9 give menu.