Testing 224: Getting stuck


This is a bug I stumbled on just messing with fluids. If you’re in an area where water and lava meet to form rock/stone when it forms, you get stuck in it. It lets you see through the world and several objects.

Edit: You also can’t interact with anything, but can change tools and all. You can move out of the spot eventually


It might just be my monitor, but the screenshot looks a little too dark for me. Do you have the coordinates for this location, or any other examples where this is happening?


The location is 2078 N -701 E Alt. 61. Your monitor is fine. Everything was black from being stuck and seeing through blocks. It’s easily reproduced on my end


I experienced that also in live, especially on a Blink Exo where was the water also falling into Lava. Being stuck just in single layer block did not let me see through. I would not consider actually the sticking as an error… If I step into lava and pour water on it, I guess I would be stuck in RL as well :laughing:

I sometimes see through, when mining. It can be due to slow connection, I hear the rocks breaking, but do not see them breaking. While moving into the broken blocks I see through the rocks same as you posted, until the view is refreshed (~1 second). Happens very seldom, but experienced yesterday while mining copper on Sochaltin I.


After looking into this, I can confirm that it is possible to get stuck if a character is standing within (or next to) lava as it turns to stone when mixed with water, so I’ll add this to the bug database.