Testing 224: Lava and permissions (feedback)

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I was testing out finally some permissions related to liquids and seems like it is needed to have Builder (block placer) permission to place lava blocks.

Because of lava blocks can destroy wooden storages and it will wipe all items inside there it doesn’t feel like right that player with lower permissions is able to do bigger damage than permission system allows.

I would suggest that placing lava would require all permissions or combination of Builder and Engineer permissions.


I guess you could classify them as an interactive block, so builder & engineer would make sense in the same way as placing/using machines.


Would they need to be classified as meshes to make them fall under the same permissions?

The permissions seem to be tied to meshes at the higher levels.

Excluding a single block seems like it would be more intensive than just saying someone can’t lay any blocks.

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Hopefully it can be done without making them meshes. Might not affect me much but im sure some people are at/near mesh limit already


Yeah that was my concern.

Liquids have already some own rules, not possible to place outside of beaconed area, like for example machines and storages have and doors and plants are meshes, you can place those as basic builder. So I am guessing that game would just have simple list that under what rule certain block will be.

I made short video to demonstrate how it is easy destroy another characters stuff when not having proper permission. Maybe I should have leave door off there, but wooden shelves are getting dangerous to use :confused:


Yeah that might be a restriction what could prevent them from having that level of permissions. I have no idea about how it’s implemented though.

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It would be awesome and a simple fix of it was just a list and that would make sense however my concern is raised as permissions seem to be a little more complicated than just a simple list.

I totally agree though that someone with low perms shouldn’t be able to cause more damage than the permissions allow.

Definitely a valid concern.


I would disagree with this because it is already hard enough to manage permissions.

If they are going to adjust it I think they should either add a new perm - placing water/lava or allow some type of check that will allow lava or not. It needs to be outside of our current perm system because that isn’t flexible enough.