Testing 226: Ornamental Crops!

Yeah, I’m imagining the two things together. And I don’t see a problem there.
People can already make these towers of refined gleam. If they can have the choice to instead make gardens, or have gardens in the refined gleam towers, I honestly wouldn’t care at all. Let them have their fun.

I’m gonna wait 5 days on testing to see how long the plant lives once grown. If it lasts a month or two, I’d say “fine”. If I have to change the flowers every 1 or 2 weeks, I’ll say “fudge that” and I’ll stay with the plants gathered with the epic skill.

I still wish decoratives wouldn’t wither, but instead after a while lose their prestige instead but still remain good looking. Then those of us that just want a cool looking flower can have one, while those that want prestige can replant it.

Very hyped about the buffer zone tho, kinda surprised over “how easy” it is to gain buffer zones tho. Will this mean I can make 3 wide roads, the leave 4 gap in between and then another 3 wide road, and due to 2 plot buffer on all sides, would prevent plotting on a total of 14 plots with only 6 plots?
Kinda like so:
X is plot, O is buffer

And so on…


There’s also the idea of leaving the dead plant, which will be nice for someone who want to have something like a cemetary or something.

Honestly, if I had to chose between
• the plant gives you prestige but dies
• the plant is just pretty, no prestige, but is permanent like any other block
I’d go with the second option in an heartbeat. No-brainer.


From what I’ve seen in mine it takes a week to grow without fertilizer, 4 days with it. I have no idea how long they last once matured, I wish it was a month, but it seems a lot to me. the test server will tell

Well the developers might have to tell us how long they last unless they want to leave all this is testing for a month or more.

Edit: Planted and fertilized but 5 days before they mature so maybe will be able to tell how long then live at that point.


Would be nice to tell us the numbers, yeah. ^^
That would make things easier.

@james wouldn’t it be better to allow the Trailing Starblossom to grow down from leaves as well as soil?
It feels weird to have soil for a ceiling, you know?

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The idea of prestige fading over time is interesting. What if normal blocks slowly lost prestige over weeks and months of not being visited by the owner, and gained a layer of dust and cobwebs?


@james Exciting update! Can’t wait to see what comes from testing and for these cool plants to be in live!

“Want to know if a beacon is active? Check the prestige plants…dead? Probably player isn’t around and someone is fueling their portal/beacon for them” hehe


@james, I can see that the reserved plots are visible in the debug beacon view, though since this is only accessible to PC players, could we also have a build-mode visual indicator in-game so that PS4 players can benefit from a visual cue/indication? :slight_smile:

Perhaps just some vertical lines at the corners of reserved plots, like those found at the corners of regular plots, but dashed instead of solid? :thinking:


Oh, and hurray for this (top right corner): :smiley:



Phew! Glad my instant elevator glitch wasn’t fixed… :zipper_mouth_face:

Or the ladder glitch… :zipper_mouth_face:

Could someone screenshot white marble now that there has been changes to marble?

Edit: Added other colours in a different screen. :slight_smile:


Dang it @NerArth ! :smiley:

IMHO, it looks great, now.


Thanks, for fast screenshots :smiley:
Looks much nicer now, have to still go to check it on testing at some point :slight_smile:

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Definitely! Taking that big crater out of the bump/normal map/whatever made a huge difference to how it looks, I think. And still a bit shiny, but certainly not ice-like anymore.

@james The image thumbnails for the deco crops are running away


Well what are you waiting for then? Hurry, catch them!


This is going to be a major pain without the option to give plots to another user. With that you won’t be able to forward a build to a different user next to other builds as unplotting will immediately reserve your plot for the other user.

You also won’t be able to plot back your build if your beacon expires if it’s next to other builds.


  • Add an “arming” time to the reservation, which won’t reserve free plots for something like e.g. 2 hours.
  • Add an option to the beacon where you can give another user permission to “steal” plots. The other user could then plot inside your plots, transferring the plot to them.