Testing 226: Ornamental Crops!


Hmm, I don’t necessarily love the wilting, but those recipes seem more than reasonable.


@scrufola yup it already does your second suggestion


@scrufola Brings up a great point.

In PS city we have plots setup where people are building next to eachother. If I have a section and take my build down, I may want to give it to …Scrufola. But if I start to unplot my area and he moves in to plot…the neighbors Reservation plots will kick in and the 2 plots to either side will appear preventing him from plotting.

I think this ties back to ‘transfering a beacon to someone else’ vs ‘plot reservations’ but since we don’t have the former it is impacting the latter.


Not what I meant. The permission must be given from the neighbor. But when I want to transfer a beacon I need to unplot it, loosing all rights to it.

This reserve thing is a HUGE problem. It completely kills malls!

  • I have a shop in the Gyosha Mall.
  • @majorvex will, obviously, enable this surveyor permission on the road to allow us to build shops.
  • My neighbor shop will most likely not enable this permission. e.g. because the player takes a break (with gleam club), doesn’t know about it or doesn’t care. That means I won’t be able to pass along my shop to someone else and if I ever stop playing and my shop disappears, nobody will be able to build in that space.

After some time, Gyosha Mall will look like this. And the only way to build a shop in these reserved (x) spots is to get the permission to build there from up to 3 neighboring shops!

R Road, owned by vex
A/B/C/D Shops
x reserved plot



I believe in that case it seems up to major vex to possibly keep the plot protection on as you said so they can allow the person your giving the plot to to join her guild so they can get plot survey permissions and do it.

Extra steps, but not impossible, just more annoying.

As long as major vex dosent unplot everything it should still be fine, since afaik her plots are the oldest there


The shops are up to 6 plots long, perpendicular to the road. Her roads reservation will not reserve the two plots in the middle left and right of a shop (the ‘x’ ones).


And she will not be able to forward the mall when she every stops playing or loses interest (like what happend with Quebec Mall).


Ahhh I see how that could be an issue then.

My only suggestion to improve this would be to possibly set the minimum prestige requirement for the plot barrier to be higher, say 50k, and to allow higher prestige builds to have a larger barrier, say 3 for 1.25mill and 4 for a 6.25mill build - these higher barriers would only apply to individual builds in the settlement that have achieved this level.


Doesnt it say that the 2 plot barrier can be turned off? Towns and malls can just have a rule to have it turned off?

So replotting is no problem. It looks like they added a mechanic already for close quarters


Or imagine this. Let’s say Sue and Scott play together in a small settlement. They don’t read the forum.

Scott has a day off and wants to improve his workshop he unplots some plots, maybe by accident or to transfer them to his crafter alt. Unfortunately, his workshop is right next to Sues build and Sue didn’t enable the surveyor permission.

Now, Scott can’t plot his workshop back and Sue is at work. By the time she returns, Scotts workshop has regend. Scott and Sue stop playing.

This reserve system is very dangerous.


Right here


Only the beacon owner can turn it off. If you unplot, their beacon will “steal” your plot and if you can’t reach them they cannot turn that function off. Or maybe they don’t want to turn it off to troll.

This tool is awesome for trolling! it gets much cheaper to prevent cities from expanding!


Hmmm, I am not too familiar with it in close quarters. So I will just listen in I think. I do like the barrier personally.


I think they should just make it a beacon option to connect to a city. Like when you assign a beacon to a guild you get a list of your guilds and you can pick one. Why not add such a button for “join settlement” and you get a list of all settlements you connect to and you can pick one or none (to create your own settlement). And if you want to reserve something, plot it.


I think the plotting situation is just becoming more and more complicated & convoluted.

People rage quit over not understanding beacons & campfires to begin with, which are fundamental things to this game.

Every other day I help players locate their “places”, coords, inventory, knowledge tab etc. To try to explain this plotting system to them…:unamused:

Only give permission to Citizens who will respect your beacon” <— :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

TBH, I see a whole lot of heartache and griefing coming along with the presented system. We need a new plotting system. Imagine the chaos, fights, & complaints if there were 2500 players.


I agree.



Do you think the “ruins” idea I suggested in the past could have a place in a new plotting system? :stuck_out_tongue:
I haven’t abandonned hope on that.


I would just like to add that there are several malls, cities, & portal/hub towns with people living next to each other. This system will affect everyone & all places, not just the mall.

Plotted near an existing road? You will be affected.
Settled near a neighbor in a town? You will be affected.
Got a store in a market or mall? You will be affected.
Want to move or transfer plots? I hope there’s nothing nearby with a buffer turned on - if there is, their buffer will take over the plots you unplot.

Now those Gleamclub prema plots, that have been sitting untouched for months, will also affect your ability to plot, move, expand, etc. Need to contact the owner? Good luck. How about the city road that was built by an OG player with 3 years of gleamclub 6 months ago? Good luck contacting them or begging them to let you plot somewhere.


On that last point.

If you have plots nearby and you remove plots, they should still be protected in a buffer as long as you dont remove every plot.


More plants… but where are my pants?

Swords, Lances, and Pantses!


It’d be cool to see a ruins type system :smiley: It’d be like a player created dungeon

Ouch, that’ll definitely hurt not being able to plot in close spaces because of that