Testing 226: Ornamental Crops!


The only reasons I wouldn’t be playing Boundless are:
A. I’m dead. Please call my mom & let her know.
B. The game folds/sells.


So this is amazing having a color picker here in the give menu. I really hope this gets planned on being added to the Character Customization Menu too. I noticed it isn’t there yet, but I am really hopeful. :heart:


I dont quite like / support the new plot protecting system. For sure it will ruin malls and other coop spaces ( since it need more then 1 person’s permission because all the beacons of the settlement are nearby each others ) and also decreasing chances for massive plots builders to choice a suitable place to build. A very bad and tedious experience for them - and also me.

On the other sides, it can prevent force-merge settlement - which is really nice.


THANK YOU from everyone on tier 5 worlds. thank you, thank you, thank you


:joy::joy: ^this


Ditto here too. :rofl: Maybe one day I’ll binge play til I croak and they’ll find me in my gaming chair with Boundless still running even…? So I’d still be in the game even then. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just leave your estate to the gleam club. . .


Already promised it to @georgegroeg once my GC runs out - in turn, he has very considerately dug me a nice grave on Gyosha. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


At least he didn’t make you dig it yourself. :joy:


A bad senario:

  • The city roads were built first.
  • The neighbors were already there when I moved in.
  • My friend Jimmy starts playing and I want to give him some of my plots so he can be near me.
  • The warden of the town got salty and turned on the plot buffer. The neighbor decided to take a break & turned on their buffer.
  • If I unplot some of my plots to give to Jimmy, the warden and/or the neighbors buffers cover my plots, since they were here before I was. I just lost plots. Jimmy is sad and leaves. I get sad and leave.

This system might be ok if:
A. It was implemented on a fresh new planet.
B. There were no dense cities, communities, malls, markets, etc (perfect for “solo” players :wink: )
C. People never quit the game. Ever.
D. We could contact people for plot permissions 24/7 around the globe. Even when they are sleeping. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
E. There were only 50 people playing the game & in a guild because they need to all join the same guild & have the same beacon/plot permissions.


What if the buffer system was toggled off, automatically, and you’d have to go in there to actually turn it on? That might help to a certain degree at least in the meantime.


Disclaimer - based on current data which is obviously subject to change:

Plant Base Prestige
Ornamental Oortweed 14
Imperial Harlequin 17
Ancestor’s Blade 17
Trailing Starblossom 14
Sentinel’s Crest 18

First thoughts I have is that it should be quite a bit higher. Machined Iron for comparison is at 19 and doesn’t require any maintenance. But even then, seems tricky to balance a maintenance trade-off since placing a couple more blocks that don’t require anything else might always be the better option.

Edit: how much maintenance is required remains to be seen, but apparently they last over a month.

Of course that’s just talking numbers, hopefully they’re simply pretty enough to want around just for the sake of it! Glad to see more uses for crops and flowers, also.

About plot reservation, it would definitely need an in-game indication for new players when placing camp fires and beacon controls. The first thing that just happened to me is placing a beacon control near-ish someone else and then realizing that I can’t fuel it. Maybe the block placing indicator could use the magenta it uses in the debug visualization when it’s within a reserved plot. So we have green for “beaconed”, orange for “wild / reserved”, red for “can’t place” and magenta for “reserved, no permissions”.

An interesting aspect of this is that for reserving large areas players could now “use” prestige to save plots. 10k prestige per 25 plots for using only a 25th of the plots.

If that’s a good or bad thing, I’m not really sure.

I was just thinking the exact same thing. This would also make the migration a lot less messy I think, by having the reservation off by default.


The protection should turn off every 3 days and you would have to fuel a protection machine to get the protectoin back, like you fuel a portal. You stop playing but have gleam club? Your protection goes away.


Does it have any certain Bonuses% to it like some other blocks do that might make the output actually significantly higher?

This is an interesting idea, but I’d say maybe once every 7 days instead, but make it a low maintenance thing that doesn’t really cost anything. The whole point is to make sure that people are Choosing to reserve plots they’re going to Use at some time, not adding another thing that just needs to be maintained.


So now I only need 60k plots to clame a hole planet instead of 300k plots


Edit: the 4th one (the bright one) is fertilized… so it’s not reserved to the end stage =)


The output will be a lot higher thanks to beacon bonuses in general, but as far as I know there is no specific bonus for ornamental crops or “maintenance” blocks in general (which could be worth looking into to make them worth it though).

If I understood the new system correctly, you’ll get a decent bonus for the crops as long as you don’t use a lot of blocks in the same prestige “tier”, so for example if you have a lot of Refined Iron in your build already (which is also 18), you might not get a lot of bonus prestige from Sentinel’s Crests.


So then the complaints become, “I was going to refuel my protection today but I had to work late and by the time I got home “evil twin” had already plotted into the space I had reserved.” So have we just changed the nature of the complaints the developers are getting instead of solving anything?


With the decorative plants being added, I am sure people will make some cool designs with them, but I think some new props go to with them. I think some new plant potters would bring the new crops together nicely. Potters that created to meet the requirements for each of the planets.

Abrielle-Terra-Cotta-Planter-350x350 DIYplanterbox


design already includes window boxes