Testing 226: Ornamental Crops!


Oh very cool, but it would be nice to have some that I could put indoors as well.


you can plant them indoors they will grow with gleam light just like the crop plants already introduced.


There really doesn’t need and shouldn’t be a way to “reserve” plots. if you need it, plot it… right… now.

What the system tries to solve is that you can’t be forcefully merged. And they chose the most complicated and confusing way to do that. It should be a beacon option if your beacon joins a town or not and we wouldn’t need the reserved plots.

If it would be a beacon option, you could just put a circle around your town with a different beacon with the option turned off to prevent your town from growing.


love this new function alot
did you guys discuss doing it the other way? to have it off as default


I mean with actual pots and planter boxes so it only occupies one block, or a planter box that is like one by 3 blocks wide to put multiple plants in one box. Something neat like that that doesn’t require extra chiseling, but is an actual prop object.


ok I get what you mean


While not a perfect system, I see it as better than an opt in system for one reason. That is the drama of people opting out and ripping cities in half because of “reasons”. With an opt out I could simply break the exodus in half since I own a central point. Now the little beacons on my other side cannot be a part of the city and some of them are completely engulfed by me and can’t be part of anything. Imagine if @majorvex opted out and all of the individual shops were no longer together. Or if one of the road owners in duskmoor cut off a whole district of builds? Just a different set of issues, all still people related.

Every system can create problems for someone. If this system causes a lot of issues, it can be changed. Lets see how well it works then ask for refinement if needed.


what my self im worried about is the fact the system is being tested on a fresh server i can see it working fine on testing then it hits public and everything just brakes cuz pre existing hubs and malls confuse it and people end up potentially losing there builds or someting


Reading the patch notes, they have already addressed this. Oldest beacon gets the reservations. There is nothing really to break.

Edit: its not like your computer is doing anything other than grabbing the info from the server. They can test it by copying a live planet and enacting the patch. Which I’m sure they already do.


Well it is not exactly a fresh server. My builds from the farming test are there and there are builds around mine so I can see the various protection zones. Now is it as crowded or dense as a mall? no, but it is not barren either so there are some things that can be tested but players have to be willing to do it.


I would like to point out that the buffer system does require a few POV changes on our part as players. @majorvex outlines some concerns above that are helpful to consider given our current systems (malls/cities).

This change requires us as players to recognize we are not entitled to any plot that isn’t directly claimed. In other threads and situations people have brought up having a desire to plot something…but then being unable to because it is near someone.

Interestingly…that doesn’t take into consideration if the person you are plotting next to WANTS you as a neighbor.

“what if a build decays and I want to plot it…but it is in other peoples buffer”

  • Those other people may not want you to have it. They may want the build gone so they can expand. If you know their desires (I.E. they are fine with me plotting it) then they can also give you access to their reserved plots.

I think the hard part of this is going to be wrapping our head around “If you own that plot, you also have up to 2 plots around it that are yours and I need to keep that in mind”

Instead, we are focusing on US loosing our plotting ability. But we only loose our plotting ability if someone ELSE gets it.

I agree that having ‘Plot Buffer’ turned off when it releases and that people can turn it on (with an in game message to let them know) would cause the least amount of disruption. Then if people in malls turn it on…they can be reported for not falling the malls guidelines and James and Devs have been very open to trying to help those situations.

This issue also resolves itself as me move forward. Malls/Cities will all be the oldest of the plots as new people plot in…so if someone tries to use reserved, the mall/city can just turn on their reserved and give perms to who wants the spot.

Long term, it will work out. It is dealing with the migration of the system to live that is the concern. I also think it will make things better.



In communities, you have homes & workshops, not just shops. Even if the main road owner allows people to connect, neighbors can turn on their buffer and impede growth or cause problems. The main road buffer only extends two plots. Most builds, workshops, stores, etc are much larger than two plots and their own buffer extends out of the main structure’s protection.


Not sure if this has been mentioned or not. What about a new craftable beacon. The old beacons stay the way they are now but if you want the “buffer” you have to craft that beacon and place it in your build. The people that don’t play anymore but have GC would still have their places but won’t have the buffer zone. So it’ll work in malls or in bigger cities. Just my 2 cents from skimming the replies.


This is too much to put on the devs. I would hate to see every city/hub/market/mall owner contacting the team everytime someone doesn’t follow their “rules”.

Essentially this “report” should go to or be handled by the warden/manager/officer/owner of the place, but there aren’t enough permissions for us to handle it ourselves. And if people were given permissions to handle it, some people would abuse it and cause more problems.

I dunno what the solution is.

Quick, everyone pair up and claim a planet… :woman_shrugging:


Who isnt hunting to get oort anyway?


I do not hunt for Oort. Why do I need to?


I do sometimes, but I depend upon people filling my request basket 80% of the time. If I need anymore than that, I buy it from sellers in the mall.


There’s plenty of people who don’t hunt. And to… nevermind I don’t need to finish my thought :sweat_smile:


I love this idea.


New search is awesome! And nice that knowledge jumping to right item is linked now :slight_smile:

Could we get way to flush old search out fast without need of use backspace. For example X on right side of search bar.

I am also happy to see that search is on permission listings (locks and beacons). Would it be possible to add now new filter there for players who have permissions?

I think filter window should stay active when toggling filter state on able to craft.
I have used much Z and C on current live version, will take a while to adapt this new filter system :smiley: