Testing 230: World Shop Scanners!

hope all shop owners with their shopstands listed are going to set the shop beacon name to allow customers find them? eg “maughty mall #60”, “ps biitula hub >shop name<”, “tnt hub >portal name<” etc? tbh - im not going to run half of planet surface to find shop’s beacon named “beautifull orc’s domain” :smiley:


Is there a way to add a beacon to separate the existing plots? Or do i have to unplot, place a beacon and replot?
Would like my store to have its own beacon so i can rename it!

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and - are you unable to search certain items by their color? you know - black gleam, hot magenta plain glass panes etc? if you want to sell rare exo items and set price higher than normal gleam you won’t be able to sell it cos your price will be higher than displayer 16 sellers selling permament world gleam, same going with forged tools - you won’t be able to find shops becouse their prices will be higher than unforged tools - anyone noticed it?

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i was thinking about it too… just going to build separate shop with his own beacon

and this is what i was worried about - no matter which color you want to sell - it showing it like plain glass pane, so if there is 16 shops selling white panes for 10c and you want to sell rare exo pane for 100 - your shop won’t be listed… and i agree with someone posted it above - you should be able to scroll more than 16 shops

not saying that with actual system unless you advertise your shop here or spamming trade channels at discord you are unable to present ingame that you are selling unique resource/furniture atc

please add colors to items at knowledge tab and add there forged items aswell

It sounds like what you are asking for is the long term goal… the current implementation is just the first “basic” iteration :wink:


PLEASE default all currecnt Plinths to show as there not selling anything so we have to reset price and it wipes the ones from a year ago or so that are inactive and prices are out dated to help clear the clutter.

say you have a plinth with 500 sweet bean at 250c each say from a year ago make it so when the update rolls out that that plinth will show as nothing for sale …still will have the items in it. so that way we have to reset prices and will show people that have inactive shops and help people find active areas that are not on the top 15 prices list


All the old ones are overpriced and wouldn’t even show up on the 16 list well except for maybe on a t5/t6


I would think that if a shop stand was empty and a request basket had no coin that it would be best to remove that entry from the list. We shouldn’t be showing anything that is empty on the list. How can a price be valid if nothing is being bought/sold?

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eh, quite a few for sure, but there have been some out of the way spots I found in the last 2 weeks where I bought spicy/sweet beans for 10-15c. Spots like that are going to get lit up and cleared out soon as the patch goes live if it is default on. And that’s fine. It’ll give some eager beavers a chance to consolidate planet inventory if that’s how they want to play. I expect any shop stocking thousands of items to be around(likely above) the normal price, especially as things are easier to find/navigate… I think we will see a natural demand for items go up since they’re going to be so much easier to locate. (who knows what reality will bring though)

@lucadeltodecso already said the valid ranges would be trimmed. Hopefully all defaulted off as well

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I spent 30 mins looking for sweet beans yesterday using no external resources until i gave up , just as an experiment. I think we’ll definitely see more shoppers once things are easier to find.


If process go up to much then players will start to look for things themselves again. There should be some point where most players feel it is better to buy then make/find it themselves and sellers are willing to sell. I do think the lack of color indicators and descriptions on forged items will create some limitations. It is a great tool if you want sweet beans, but not nearly as useful if you need cool red gleam.

And that’s where the shopkeeper’s responsibility comes in. If your beacon has gleam shop in its name people will know that you potentially sell a variety of gleam. There’s still going to be some footwork involved but at least you have a starting point. And the extra filters can always be implemented later down the line.

It’s good to voice our opinions on how it can improve further, but I appreciate any amount of progress on the economy system at this point.

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Plus it seems pretty likely to me that anyone selling the rare colours will also have good prices on the common colours, which should help drive traffic.

Hope fading…:partying_face::confused::cry:


Maybe the new patch will sneak in T8’s :thinking:
hope’s not dead yet, though she’s fading fast rumor says.

You all wake me up when we get some new combat. Ill be on here and there working on rare marble till then.

Made 200 vivid orange last night.
100 green
100 red
100 blue
100 lilac

This will only keep me busy so long grab it while you can. Will be in gyosha mall 80 soon

Has there been no updates to testing?

My guess is they are taking some of the feedback and working it in? or the 1yr office celebration was so lit they are just getting back to work today lol.

I am looking forward to this update, I feel it will help far more people then we realize. It includes an important system I feel the game lacks.

I feel I need to respond to some comments about store owners above. I set my request baskets relative to my shop stand prices, when one rises or falls the other does as well. My goal is to have around 30% margin, with potential greater ones depending on the number of steps to get to the end result (ie machined metal blocks vs ore cost).

I am sorry that I don’t have more coin in my baskets at times, I pretty much am running the store chain at cost right now in that regard (portal costs man). I have invested about half my coin into the baskets in the past month to get my stock variety expanding, so there is that. Right now, if I am loosing coin or gaining it completely hinges on how much I can buy Oort shards at, so until that front improves I can’t stock more coin a week into the baskets than I am already and I wish it weren’t that way.

Will this new system improve all this? short term probably no, long term probably yes. Economies are not just short term things, and I honestly feel this new scanner system that is baked into the UI is good for the long term health of the economy.