Testing 230: World Shop Scanners!

I respectfully disagree. I think people will still be willing to hand trade to avoid paying taxes.


The what now?

Didn’t know PS4 users were dumb and/or poor to not own or be able to use mobile phones, tablets or laptops…

Many of the active users here, an external source of info, play on PS4…


I’d wager this is one of those cases that in the future people might take in to account when designing their shops, we couldn’t know that it’s coming so my designs will have to change a bit to make more visible entrances :smiley:


Looks nice addition, even that I was on EA and around launch promoting more about explore & find deals -way.

With count of planets and huge malls we have now this is nice addition, probably after boundlesstrade -site did come to use I got just lazy and did start to wait that we would get feature integrated to game :slight_smile:

I just hope there is some counter action for false leading shop stands (insane good plinth deals that are build inside wall).


I dislike using tools outside the game, so this is a total win in my eyes, and should be great for moving the gears of the economy. :+1::+1::+1:


This hopefully addresses your concern?


This is a great Update for all who are playing for the Community to make some resources and crafted items afordable for all Players and visible .
Not only the rich ones or which have a Lot more time for playing instead of other people with Work Family and other social Activity.
IT ll be less time consuming to find what you need to build or craft , i Like this Option very much , can t wait to get IT released on PS4


I agree with these quotes.

When I’m trying to find something I need, usually, I’m like “I need it right now, I don’t care about artsy-builds, I just wanna find what I need”.
And when I wanna find something, I tend to always go to places I know like the Golden Fist or some shops in the Ultima City on Eresho.

With this feature, I’ll possibly be able to find little shops on my home-world.

I legit don’t see valid concerns with this yet. It needs to be tested, of course, but conceptually speaking, it sounds good.


There was actually very little fake stand/basket abuse after BTN was released, it was nice. I think most people genuinely want to sell/buy stuff.

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I hate Fake baskets or shopsstands , i m working nearly 12 hours a day includes getting to Work and come Back , have other social Activity too and sleeping , other words 2-4 hours max Playtime a day and If you waste time for getting to Fake Shops then i m Frustrated

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I have no problems with fake shop stands. I normally use shop stands as storage containers. I also like to display the item so I know what’s inside without having to interact with it. Typing 1 is also easier than 99999999, especially when I have hundreds of them. And walling them off is a must. Wish there was an option to display item without having to setup price.

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Yeah, maybe there could be an option under it called “store”. Players would not be able to buy from it, but only see it.

(until we get better storage)

:+1::+1::+1::+1: Can’t agree with this more.

FYI, my fake baskets were to counteract that my shop usually got scanned once every 3 days right before I would recoin my baskets which meant the more popular ones stopped showing up and I noticed a drop in people selling to me. Once I added duplicate baskets this was not the case anymore.

It’s one of the reasons why I like this system much better with live up to date data, BTN was a once every 2/3 days scan and if it was done at an inopportune time my baskets weren’t shown…

Not calling anyone specific out for anything btw, just trying to assuage the “fake stand” fears by pointing out that incidents were few

Still managed to find some of them tho, lol, shop stands buried under their actual shops with no way to get to them. Annoying, especially when you’ve been running towards it for 5 minutes!

Yeah, at least you’re allowed to report these if you find them now, as Mr. Luca said

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See that’s the whole problem here, the economy isn’t supposed to have gears…

Rack and pinion and eco-pistons ftw!!!

OMG! I have been waiting for this fix for AGES!!! Thank you!!! :yellow_heart:

What do you think im replaying on… btw tried several external thingy’s half of them don’t work and the other half I can’t make heads or tails out off tried several times to figure out but there isn’t a real reliable way to find out what people are asking for or selling and price ranges are lacking.

Yes programs like trade net can eventually be figured out but they have 1 big flaw. They don’t work on PS4. So if a pc player with that program active doesn’t visit a PS4 shop that shop doesn’t get added in those lists.

Btw it had nothing to do with being dumb and/or poor…

Must be nice every thing on one screen.