Testing 230: World Shop Scanners!

My guess is they are taking some of the feedback and working it in? or the 1yr office celebration was so lit they are just getting back to work today lol.

I am looking forward to this update, I feel it will help far more people then we realize. It includes an important system I feel the game lacks.

I feel I need to respond to some comments about store owners above. I set my request baskets relative to my shop stand prices, when one rises or falls the other does as well. My goal is to have around 30% margin, with potential greater ones depending on the number of steps to get to the end result (ie machined metal blocks vs ore cost).

I am sorry that I don’t have more coin in my baskets at times, I pretty much am running the store chain at cost right now in that regard (portal costs man). I have invested about half my coin into the baskets in the past month to get my stock variety expanding, so there is that. Right now, if I am loosing coin or gaining it completely hinges on how much I can buy Oort shards at, so until that front improves I can’t stock more coin a week into the baskets than I am already and I wish it weren’t that way.

Will this new system improve all this? short term probably no, long term probably yes. Economies are not just short term things, and I honestly feel this new scanner system that is baked into the UI is good for the long term health of the economy.


Shop stands are also used as a source of storage as it help avoids the mesh limit and holds more per block of space. While if I do not put a price on the item, it will not come up as a sellable item, I will also not be able to visually see what is in the stand.

Would there be any thought towards being able to see what is in the stand without needing to price it out at a max price(so it isn’t desirable to buy)? If there isn’t a way to avoid this, how will this show in the listings? Currently people generally just avoid having these stands “scanned” to mitigate the artificial inflation. Would there potentially be an opt out of listing? Obviously using them as storage is not exactly intended purpose, but they generally function better than storage blocks for mass storage of an item.

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Stands with items that have no price/0c and higher prices won’t show.

I didn’t search for the quote but it was also mentioned that there will be both beacon level and per shop stand controls for opting in/out.

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that is only in the migration for the next release as a default, you are perfecly free to set a 0 price if you want for a give-away.

the plinths/beacon both have options to disable advertisement of plinths if you want things hidden.


Will items with a zero/giveaway price show up in the top 16 lowest prices list? If so, do we need to disable advertisement so we aren’t reported (for lack of a better term a.t.m.)

The migration will disable advertisement on any plinth with 0 prices or ridiculously high prices automatically so you dont have to do it manually for existing plinths. This is just a migration, any “new” plinth does whatever you tell it to.

If you have any plinths that “do” have “sensible” prices, but are trapped behind walls and inaccessible, then yes, you should change their prices to something silly high now and/or disable them once the shop scanner is released to live to prevent misleading players.


After migration, if you have an advertised stand with a price of 0, you will show at the top of the 16, but will only be “reported” if the stand is inaccessible. (My understanding, obviously not an official answer!)

I guess if you have a scavenger hunt set up, you should be careful as it may seem like the stand/s is inaccessible. Maybe have it well signposted that it is part of a scavenger hunt and the shop stands are accessible after running through approx. 164 different beacons or whatever.
Someone with the x-ray vision mod will probably clean it up pretty quickly anyway though.

I seen someone mention this was a thing a while back, could a dev please respond to ensure us that steps are taken to stop this type of thing happening, and to remove anyone from the game that uses such a thing?

AFAIK “x-ray vision” isn’t exactly a thing, but precise resource mapping is.

But of course, I’ve been surprised in the past, lol.

Any outside resource that can be used to modify the game to give players an advantage should be actively stopped by the game makers.

If it just gives a cosmetic alteration then it doesn’t matter.

Anyone known to be using these should be permanently banned.

I have a very dim view of cheaters.

Also, by allowing this sort of behaviour the devs are showing that they favour the PC platform, as ps4 are unable to use these things.

They have claimed that they view the platforms equally!

But, apologies to all, this is not the correct thread for this discussion, if anyone with the power wishes to break it off, then please do so.

It was a joke, but you’re right, this is not the place for yet another anti-mod rant.

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