Testing 245: Creating character and picking friend location

Creating new character and choosing to start near friend who is in Sovereign planet gets game into wait mode.
I don’t know is this Triacus III and Sovereign planet finalized which could be reason that I can’t pick it as location.

Game “stucks” on this using Esc allows to get back to choose starting planet again but legend on bottom is not easy to see (I can’t be only one who often forgets to check it). Maybe add button to go back & some kind of timeout for this.

Screenshot of where it stops:

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It seems that world permissions weren’t open for all player.

After permissions got changed button was active and I was able to start from this planet with new character.

Is this now bad that new players can start from Sovereign world if they should have home in permanent public planet?

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That is defo a bug yes, cant allow starting on a soveriegn world. @vdragon can you log this please?


@Dulki yes someone tried

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