Testing 245: Sovereign Worlds!

It shouldn’t.

But people WILL want to make their home on a sovereign planet.

If you move your workshop to your own planet, you want to be able to change skill sheets there for sure.

If you move your main base and storage to your own planet, you definitely want to be able to warp there, just as you would on a public planet.

The reason for the two home thing (and other suggestions about emergency/backup warp locations) is because the devs stated a list of reasons to not allow people to make their home beacon on their own planet, that mostly revolve around it not being “safe”. If you could set your home to your own world this wouldn’t have come up.


I would also :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Honestly not sure how this can be exploited that can’t already be done pretty easily by other methods. The only exception being the ability to change skill pages at 2 locations.


Easy trip home to unload inventory and back was my first thought. I know the reclaim can too but I don’t think there’s a cooldown in setting home.

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So can we just speak the big elephant in the room?

How much these planets are costing?..
It would be shame to get all these people hyped and after it say “ok it costs 20$ per month”


Reclaim allows it pretty much, but there’s also this:

And if you don’t want to use either of those you can have mining locations owned by Alts instead, then just leave the Alts at your home base and any time you want to go mine just switch over to the alt, open a warp conduit to their “home” at your mine, then switch back to your main and go through… then when done use your free warp home.

I just don’t see how having 2 “homes” has enough abuse cases (that can’t also be done in other ways) to cancel out the actual good use cases that having 2 home beacons would allow.

Edit: should mention that I have not tried any of these, so don’t know how viable they are… but it just seems that there is other methods to get free warps around, that if thats the only case for not having 2 home beacons, it seems like its not a very strong reason.


The warp block and alts are just kinda tedious. Lots of prep and too much planning : ( it seems like it’d be much easier to carry around a spare beacon to plop down and warp across the universe for free.
I’m not really arguing against this. I think it’d be incredibly useful… but people would probably call it cheating.

That’s SO MUCH Work lol.

I can usually be on any planet from my base within about 90 - 120 seconds.

I don’t either TBH. Some people are going to go out of their way for the thrill of being naughty, I suppose, and exploiting a dual home is going to be a lot easier than any of the existing stuff. IDK maybe I’m exploiting since I set up my characters to a non-existent “home” beacon? But that makes it so that there’s no reason at all that I want to change it, it’s strictly a one way system for me. And that invalidates most of the known exploits for arranging free 2 way warps.

If it’s a concern though it seems like enabling a generic target that’s only enabled when the character is in a sanctum orbiting a locked or nonexistent planet should be viable and (as always this is a guess) would probably require very little code since there’s no need for per-character changes or any GUI work at all.

I do have some specific concerns about how conditionals could interact with existing situations regarding a nonexistent home beacon though. :man_shrugging:

I suppose I can see how it’s a complicated decision.

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I agree. If you’re out mining for example - it’s just as easy if not easier to just set down a beacon in your mining area, set that beacon as home, and just dump everything in storage there. When you’re done, reclaim it and travel back to your main home in less than a minute through portal hubs. At most you spend 100c to warp back to the portal hub?

Is there no cooldown timer for reclaim?

Can’t reclaim for 2 hours after setting a beacon down I believe. But if your farming session doesn’t last that long it’s pretty easy to just come back to it

The warp block trick to get free warp is troublesome to setup. Not worth it. Money is so easy to acquire; it’s not worth using cheap tricks to avoid a measly 100c, or even the amount needed to visit exo.

Any updates on how testing is going? Any more major bugs? Chance of it getting released this week perhaps? :thinking: Or is next week a better assumption. No I am not not anxious :smile:


It was already released last week :sweat_smile:


And they are already out of planets to rent. . so sorry :innocent:


Like I said before, Schrodinger’s Rentals - both released and not released. :grin: The gravity of all the new worlds was too much and warped spacetime, sent them back into the past, so they’re there already in a kind of fuzzy state where we’ll have to see them to bring them completely into existence. :wink:


Boundless Black Holes are on the roadmap… I swear I saw that on the list I saw!


Waiting for like 6 months from now for you to link back to this and be like “and you guys thought I was joking” :rofl:


I think they should add a rhythm mini game

Make people dance in groups like DDR or guitar hero inputs, to spawn meteors

OMG blackholes? Are you being silly or for feal? Like we’d jump in to them and find all kinds of goodies and dangers but then be trapped until we find a new blackhole out of there?!?!

Because I think I just heard the next feature I want to see in the game!