Testing 246: Entering Creative world cause player to stutter initially

When first entering a creative world, the player stutters several times. This seems to happen for any creative world. Directly after entering the open warp, I discontinue any movement with the mouse/keyboard.

This occurs every time when entering a creative world (except when returning to sanctum and going directly back to the world) and has been confirmed to happen to @Kal-El as well.


what does the green line on the latency graph look like during this scenario?

terrain loading is a bit rough, and stuttering happens whilst exploring as well

Slow increase as the conduits connect and for the first second or two through to the world, then small drop. It’s seems to be an issue that only happens when connecting to creative worlds.

I have noticed this stuttering to, several times when entering a Creative Planet.

The green line is UDP.

it appears to drop completely when you go through the portal.


Boundless will keep trying for a second or two before giving up and switching to TCP.

As to why the UDP is dropping though I’m not sure. I assume it’s a server issue because multiple people are seeing it.

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Probably fixed now, either that or the entire universe may have just imploded…


I had been getting that stuttering as well, but I just figured it was my iffy connection.

Just tested it, seems perfect now… no stuttering at all, for me anyway.


Yup, perfect! No stuttering for me either now!