Testing 249.2: Local universe game crashing when looking at / going through portals

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I’ve submitted three crash dumps for this issue from my account at ~13:08 GMT.

I am using the 3 new default mixed worlds for testing.

I have not modified any of the game files.

Initially tested with Internal QA Permissions, but also crashes with no special permissions set.

Portals are using compact Oortstone as fuel.

It looks like you submitted more than 3, so I’ll added these to the bug database and assigned them to one of the software engineers.

When you say you are using default mixed worlds, by that did you select the option to create the worlds but left the settings as they were displayed at the time?

Yes, default settings using this button:-

I have changed the world display names, with the middle level world name being max-length (just in case that is relevant).

I believe this should be fixed in the next update