Testing 249 and LIVE: Found a way to get a consistent crash

If you equip a colour spray, hold down the spray button and move your mouse up and down between the boundary of someone else’s beacon. So moving the curser from the wild, into someone else beacon back and forth whilst spraying. Not sure i have even tried this in live so will test in live now and report.

Crashes game every time in testing, several reports sent.

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Ok, so it was harder to find somewhere on live to do this, but I found a spot with some rock near a beacon and I was able to make the game crash doing the same as above.

Crashdump sent for live, you will probably get another one as I’m going to double test now.


Just thought I would post to make it easier to understand how to reproduce after the weekend. The easiest way to reproduce on live is to find a rocky area, have someone put down a beacon you don’t have permissions on, hold your spray can down and spray a rock outside the beacon, then quickly move to a block inside the beacon and try to spray that. Sometimes the crash happens the pretty quick, but sometimes I have to repeat the process quite a few times. On test it is easier as you can spray grass, so do the same but on grass.