Testing 249: Grapple Reel in / Reel out no longer works

Testing on test servers (not local), grapples are not working.
They fire and connect as normal, but reeling in ® or out (F) is not working for me. I have tried rebinding to alternate keys, but to no avail.

I am running a local world build in the background, so not sure if that is affecting it. I will test again once that is complete and update this thread.

Edit: Seems others are having the same issue, so not related to building a local universe in the background.


I was able to grapple one time out of a hole, i tested the copper shield and axe then had to grapple out so it wasnt until i used the iron or silver shield/mace combinations.

I also tried rebinding and relogging

I tried grappling once logged in. Didn’t do really anything before that.

Did you use the F1 menu at all?

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Testing branch has issue with Grapples not reeling in and out.

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Found and fixed for next update.