Testing 249: Melee Weapons, Shields and Local Universes - continued

I don’t think this is enough to compensate for a 50% reduction in cubits for players like myself who have gotten used to flipping thru 5 skill pages and can already do all of the aspects of the game that I want to focus on from one character as is. I rarely feel the need to log on to alts anymore at this time.

Being able to unlock most things on a single skill page is extremely convenient yes. But I don’t really see that enabling me to gain too much extra exp, Most certainly not enough to compensate for a 50% reduction.

I can see this being fine other players who might actually want to do every single thing from one character. However for players who prefer to be a little more specialized in their game play and don’t want to do every aspect of the game, Not so much for them.


For Dummies if I’m lol 600 and above I’m already Max level after update?
And do plots and Cubits are the same if you buy cubits?

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Liking the new skill points and pages systems … I can’t believe it, but I think I actually understood a thing for the first time ever! XD

Seriously, though, it all seems logical. Will be interested to see how it’s testing with folks. :slight_smile:

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I haven’t experimented with the system, but I agree that doesn’t sound like it would increase xp gain much.

I am close to 1500 but still I’d like to know xD

If my math is right, at the new exp rates, current lvl 600 and above will be max level (190)

You can check in your char profile looking at the Total XP: … if its at 112,492,900 or higher, you should be max level using the new xp numbers.


Thanks you awesome Soju. Always helpful.

Same for me; the main reason I have used alts since filling all my skill pages has been to do with inventory management more than anything. A hunting alt and a farming alt just means their inventories are always geared for that and has little to do with the required skillsets.

Honestly, even though I have previously (on this thread) said that we should not focus on this issue, it’s now starting to bother me that development of this patch seems to be wanting to push this as it is, with a reduction in overall cubits gain; I think the issue is I haven’t seen any increase to XP gains to compensate.

Every character doing everything is hardly the correct rationale for compensating this change. I suspect that some of us who already do (almost) everything on one character probably have a lot of time to do all the activities. Time is the factor there, not the ability to do it all.

I think what I really don’t understand is why this overall change to cubits gained is coming now, when the status quo has been as it is for a very long time now. It’s the very old case of “here, you’ve had something nice, but we’ll take it away now” and for a reason that has not been made clear thus far.

These changes will only make the experience worse for new players who want to gain cubits to get plots to build with, and honestly all it’s making me want to do is boost my partner’s brand new character right away to level 600+, which I know I can’t do within a reasonable time frame anyway. I probably won’t, because that’s a lot of time and effort to countermand a single change in a game that my partner has only recently started playing.


Especially since there is no cubit change before level 50 and with level 50 you’re already at “maximum efficiency”, you just have to relog less.

Would be nice if James would just mention why they change this.

Most efficient way to gain plots is to level all 10 chars evenly. Especially after level 50 where every char is good enough to do everything with it.

And, this being an MMO, we know that people will do that and optimize the fun out of the game. That’s what we MMO player do…

(Besides that, even now that we can do everything, it still make sense to e.g. have a dedicated crafter char in a different guild/faction for the spark guild buff)


When I try to start the game on testing I get “server maintenance The boundless servers are updating, play is currently not permitted. Apologies for the inconvenience. RETRY. QUIT”

Tried at about 4am GMT, 5am GMT and 4pm GMT.

Edit: switched to live that worked fine. Switched back to testing and still same message.

Ok, instead of selecting “play Boundless” on testing, I select “Launch World Builder” and that looks like I can create a new world and select a multiverse_tier_1

I don’t understand this justification. As it is right now, XP gain isn’t equal (or even close) for all activities. The major source of exp is mining gleam and crafting (and maybe hunting), and typically main characters do both to get exp, alts only get scraps compared to those main methods. As it is right now, if this balance stays like this, I won’t get exp any faster, because the activities that’s not actively grinding for exp won’t add much, and I’ll just farm cubits twice as slow.
Not to mention that like others said, there’s still reason to use alts (more efficient plots, inventory organization, guild buff), and this hurts anyone that plans to keep using alts.
2x difference is still too big, it’s much better than the previous ~4x but it’s still not good in my opinion.
In my opinion, it’s better to make it roughly equal to how it is atm and I’ll welcome a rebalance (or even nerf) later when all exp sources get an overhaul (or when level gets detached from cubits).

Can I ask why quirk? Quirks are frustrating to get, and in a lot of cases this effect is desirable, why is it not a boon?

That aside, I appreciate the other balance changes.


As a quirk you can keep whatever other boons you usually have.


You should be able to sign in now.


Quirk means you can still max out damage and range and knockback or whatever and still get the block protection. It adds it as an (expensive) option without reducing damage.

IMO, we need quirk gums.


I would love some quirk gums!


I don’t feel like this is a good reason. Maybe it’s just preference or I’m biased, but if I’m forging for a 3 boon tool, I’d rather not have to deal with quirks entirely since you’re purely at the mercy of RNG.
But fair point, I was only thinking about bombs (where I don’t think you need 3 boons? I only can think of dmg + AoE, knockback feels like a luxury) and not melee weapons which definitely wants 3 boons.

Yes, quirk gums would be great.



Please some quirk gums…


Also adding more boons without adding more gums makes forging harder. Certain gums have too many options already and adding more to the mix would be a pain.

Having quirk gums would be nice though


Thanks, yes I can now.
In the world builder, I had tried “new world” and eventually tried launch client but it would try to start then go away, I assume it crashed because whenever I tried launch client, it submitted crash dumps from a previous try.

Now in “play boundless” on test, entered debug, selected “create new local universe”, then select generate default multiverse, it is generating with 3 worlds (lower, middle, upper).
I will see if I can join when it completes.