Testing 249: Melee Weapons, Shields and Local Universes - continued

This post continues the release notes from Testing 249.

Video Overview:

Testing 249.1:

Bug fixes:

  • Fix an issue where Gleam Club membership didn’t unlock the perks in a Local Universe.
  • Fix an assert putting Goo Kernels into an Atlas.
  • Change to user the new input-state management for swapping grapple and text-input GUI contexts. Fixes not winding in grapples, and text-input opening the Knowledge, etc.
  • Export the latest progression balance to include increasing Cubit rewards.

James i am level 2888 , whit the new system my level go down right? No problem whit this, but will i Lose plots the i have now???


I don’t think we lose plots/accumulated skills points/ or anything like that.

Losing plots would destroy builds.


You could end up with negative cubits.

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I learn in the game : here is all possible


Screenshots from update.

So the cubits cap at 1000 per level with new xp cap at 3,061,000

This seems quite a bit low still for the amount of xp required.

are you not supposed to receive skill points or cleansing tokens anymore?


That sounds like a bad fortune cookie…


Old system 15 level whit this xp = 4500 cubits
Now 1 000 :unamused:

This must be a April joke


That’s roughly 15 times more work for 3 times the reward
200 000 XP = 300 cubits
3 000 000 XP = 1000 cubits

That’s just too much imo.

200 000 XP per level seems like an acceptable cap for me. Going any higher feels unreasonable giving how things are in the game rn


I am not clear on the whole new leveling system. Is it just for the private universe is it coming to our current one?

I would say that if it does come to the current one and I lose cubits or it becomes very difficult to get them and/or levels, that would most likely be a deal breaker for me. Yeah we hear it all the time “If you do this then I quit”…in this case I would and I have been around since 2014. The only way this would work is if you got more xp from doing things (ie a complete revamp of the system).

Not that it makes any real difference if I leave or not. Just my thoughts.


1000 cubits for 3 million XP?
Currently it’s 300 cubits for 0.2 million XP.

With this patch we will need 4.5 times as much XP for the same amount of plots. I’m sorry, but that’s still not worth playing. (Maybe it’s finally time to no longer charge for vertical plots.)

What am I supposed to do in all the time I can’t build?


Another thought on this. So there is a segment of people out there that thinks the grind in this game is kind of high as it currently is…now lets add exponentially more grind to do the same things.

Start Sarcasm Yeah that sounds like the we are going in the correct direction. End Sarcasm


Yea it’s getting to be a bit much. It should be atleast a minimum triple that in cubits.

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It should be at least 4.5 times that in cubits. What’s wrong with the current system? I never have plots to spare.


Yea I kinda low balled it lol figured someone would say the actual number.

Increasing XP cost for levels over 50 sounds good to me, since it adds more endgame grind to make each sheet worth more. It means you can get more done in a more convenient way as you grind out those last 130 levels and eventually make your ultimate one-sheet master of all.

Increasing XP cost for plots, more than just a little tweaking, does not sound okay to me. It feels like a move to dramatically increase friction when building to increase revenue in a hostile way. While I want Boundless to be financially successful, I don’t think the current or target future population of the game is going to be receptive to that level of friction. A bounced player is worse than a player that never makes MTX purchases.

Maybe there is some compromise that can be brought for this, like giving out plots in addition to the cubits to bring it closer to the current flow?


From what it appears is its just for solo based on the verbiage…

but im wondering if it is coming to private universes and possibly official

Oh this is simple we punish everyone based on the most active players, so if the “most active players” play for 23 hours a day and generate 200 levels a day" then clearly we need to balance the entire game for that player base/style

Sounds like its time to grind XP before the next patch to catch up with everyone that had a chance to grind xp out before they nerf gains… sure it says its solo only but really why would this not go to the mmo?


But, by how much? My main is level 600 something and Steam has me at 2979 hours. To reach new level 180 I would need old level 854. That puts the “leveling phase”, for me, beyond 4000 hours played. 99.9% of the player will never reach that.

Sell permanent portal stones in the shop. Or Oort. Sell anything that reduces my grind to keep portals open. But they plan to add another grind on top of that.

I read James remark as if they want to give out less plots because they don’t like us to plot huge areas on the current planets. But instead of giving out less plots, they should find a solution where building vertically is cheaper. We don’t want to spend a super rare plot to remove a tree top.


Wowza that would be brutal. Let’s hope this is changed in a major way. Most people already struggle to have enough plots.
I did go on testing last night. And the weapons are great looking but feel no different then holding a shovel or hammer. Was expecting at least a charged heavy attack or something. I’ll just wait patiently to see what comes of all this.


I love the idea of selling permanent portal fuels for cubits / money for the development of the game. Smart.

Ofc, I have committed a long time ago to give this game no more money until they deliver what was promised before the “release” - so I’ll be waiting awhile still.