Testing 249 - Unable to get local universe planet to start

Finally found a few minutes this weekend to attempt to build and test the local universe. I was able to create the universe and ran the steps to generate the first planet. After it finish the build I received the following errors over and over and nothing moved forward. Tried a stop of universe and start again for the program - error continued. See screenshot:

This happens when you choice a config that does not have a valid lighting config. You can see the error there in the log:

lighting config data not available for

You have to delete the world and pick a different config.

I am pretty sure the only “valid” and safe to use configs are the ones that are <type>_world_<tier>.json. The ones under the release folder. I assume some of the others will probably work (like the ones under the events folder, but I think most of the other ones are “use at your own risk”.


I’d suggest replacing your world builder config file in your documents folder. You likely have some older files in there that are not compatible with the latest world builder.

I’m using the default lush 0 file off the list you all give via the test. How do I replace the files and where are the new ones? I’m not touching world builder.

I would assume what James meant is just delete all of the files under Documents (in whatever Boundless related folder you find) and it would regenerate as necessary with the newer ones.

EDIT: So yeah, basically delete %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Boundless\worldbuilder. Then let the game regenerate it from the latest configs.


This fixed the issue. Thank you very much for the location. Topic can be closed @vdragon

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