Testing 249: Unable to see other worlds in the sky on local sandbox

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I have created 3 local sandbox worlds (T1, 4 & 6), and have started a new character in the Tier 1 world. However, I am unable to see the other 2 worlds in the sky. How/where are worlds connections defined between each other?


Is there (or will there) also be some way to manually set how worlds are connected to each other and how far apart they are? I think allowing this would let players further tailor their universes how they want.

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Not sure if this is related, but I am also getting this error on my starting world… is this something left over from the testing environment database? It seems to be looking for portals that don’t exist.


Edit: Actually, I’m wondering if this error is more likely related to my first warp from sanctum onto the world and then subsequent warp from below ground to my home beacon.

Edit 2: Looks like I was correct about the warps… I have warped both from sanctum and in-world a couple more times and some new id’s are now being spammed in the output…


What settings did you use when creating the worlds?

I used the existing game world profiles - non-flat.

I have noticed that I am unable to connect to the local discovery URL though, so that may be related. It’s just stuck on “loading status…”


When I try to navigate to the discovery URL (http://localhost:8950) manually I just get an browser error

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You get an error with the live discovery servers too, albeit an actual error code rather than no response but maybe try specifying an endpoint like /list-gameservers ?

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Yup, looks like I forgot to engage brain! That was it for the discovery server URL, cheers @willcrutchley !

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Using the F1 “World” menu, I am able to jump to the other worlds, but it generates an Illegal Protocol Message each time I do (not sure if it’s related). It pauses on that message for about 4-5 seconds before loading the world anyway.


I’m still unable to see any of the other worlds in the sky from each of these planets though.

Could this be related to the fact that I deleted my first 4 planets in the universe?

What are the Blinksecs showing for each of those worlds?

It doesn’t show any blinksecs at all for them.

I’m just in the process of creating a new universe to see if the problem persists.

Update to the above… I have created a whole new universe and I can now see a world in the sky.
I will try deleting the first world (ID:1) and see if I am able to reproduce the problem.

If you get the situation again where you cannot see worlds in the sky, can you expand your worlds within the Sandbox DUI and check that the status is set to ACTIVE?