Testing: dialog flickers if you die while returning to sanctum


On the test server. Is reproducible for me.


Whoa! (or is it Woah?)

Yeah, I was able to reproduce this, so I’ll add it to the bug database.

On a side note, the bug reminded me of the time I tried to pause a play session on GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64 because my health was dangerously low. This usually triggered an animation of Bond looking at his watch. But because there was a delay in pausing, the enemies would kill me before I had a chance to look at the watch.


This happens when you try to return to sanctum and get killed in the waiting process, it happens to me all the time


And I’m not even on the test server, I’ma PS4 player


When this happened to me, the dialog flashed waaaaay faster!


This happened to me, but I managed to click the cancel button and held the return here button, and it wouldn’t complete. Funny part is that my death penalty was just being reapplied over and over :smiley:


What were you doing prior to when the repeated messages appeared? If this occurs again, could you submit a game log just after you see this? Thanks.


Was returning to sanctum while a wildstock found me and killed me, just like in the video.


This usually happens when you are trying to return to sanctum and get killed in the process of the timer counting down… I get it a lot while trying to go home while on higher tier worlds.