[TESTING] Forge Low Stability Warning Lies

If you have below 100 stability it warns that your item will be disintegrated even if you have stabilisation paste refunding enough stability on that round to make it impossible.

Thanks for the report. Looks like it’s not taken the Stabilisation Paste into consideration, so I’ll add this to the database. Does this also occur on the live game as well?

When I forged somthing 2 days ago It was, has been like that for as long as i’ve been forging

It said “The player will be alerted with a confirm popup when a forging potentially could destroy the forging tool.” in the Testing 216 patch notes so I assumed it must have just been added.
The only way it’s on live is if the edited forgesettings.json file I’m using to speed up animations removes the popup, and none of the values in the file sound like they would do that.