[Testing] Item queue issue

While I had a longer queue in Centraforge and wanted to move the last one to the top, it actually does not shift the complete queue, but swaps the first with the last.

In the screenshots the Umbris bow moved to top, moves the Ruby Hammer to the end.
I didn’t test other machines.

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I had some problem with queue managing on testing, just linking older topic if these two are having same kind of root issue.

Yes, it shouldn’t really been sent to the bottom of the queue. Thanks for the report and screenshots, I’ll add this to the database.


@vdragon On that subject, I’ve been having a problem myself on Live where, when I select the option to move something from the queue to the top, it doesn’t update right away. Not sure what makes it update the queue. Might be when something’s crafting is finished in the queue, or maybe a bit of time…

I am moving things quite regularly in live and didn’t experience any issues, they move to top immediately, as I click “Send Item to Top” and the rest is shifted down, keeping the right order. No Delay. Does it behave like that in all machines ? PS4 or PC ?

Probably queue manage update doesn’t update on live (like it is on testing). At least @NerArth did comment my earlier bug report topic that is linked above it being issue in live.

This send to top might be clear to test when you queue to craft different colour of rocks.
In testing there is change to queue, it will give detailed information what items are used on crafting, so issue comes more clear.

I will try to test it with stones (in crafting table and Refinery) on Live - lets see.

I did have time to make short example on testing.
I am sending two last crafts to top of queue, but visually it don’t update.
When current craft is completed, item that I did send last to top is crafting but other item that was sent to top is still its own place.

Testing got update while doing this, so another table that I was doing different test can be confusing.

I get you point, looks really strange. I checked now, probably already after the test update. This is how it behaves by me (PC/Steam).

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I did go check this again and it didn’t work. After watching your video again I see why it was working.

You have different type of stones, that is why it is updating. Try using only same type of rocks that are different colors. :smiley:

Another interesting thing is the display for like items sometimes has the ingredients listed differently.

I should add that, to this day, I’m also still having this issue, and I hope it will get fixed soon.

That’s because the items used are from separate stacks. Bit odd, perhaps, but I’ve noticed that’s how it works.

Are you taking about the issue with sending an item to the top of the queue, or the one where ingredients appear more than once?

Not sure about the second one, but yeah, I have the first issue, where if I send something to the top of the queue, it will swap places with the thing currently at the top of the queue, which proves problematic very quickly.

It started with the Farming Update.