Text limit on chat messages and keyboard shortcuts for chat window

There has been a few times recently when i’ve typed a message in chat, only to find it missed half of the text off because it hit some character limit while i was typing.

Please make the character limit longer for chat messages, not all our conversations are “Twitter length” :slight_smile:

Another suggestion:-

Sometimes i’m typing a message and a person asks a question about something else, and to save cross-talk, it would be nice if we could use keyboard shortcuts to “select-all/cut/paste” in the chat window so i can cut message to clipboard and respond without deleting message and rewriting it afterwards.


I agree the character limit feels a tad short right now.

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This is the biggest feature that I think we need. better chat/text entry.
we NEED to be able to
use the arrow keys to adjust the cursor
click anywhere in the text or especially signs to change the cursor position

also longer messages are essential, doesnt have to be crazy like 300 characters but 100 would be fantastic.
if for whatever reason the messages cannot be longer, please make a sound when you’ve hit the last character. I don’t look at the text as I’m typing so I don’t know when my text entry is not being accepted.

these may seem minor but they make a HUGE difference.