Texture editor and installer

I would like suggest the ability to modify the textures of the Oort universe. These would only be visible to the individual client that the textures were modified on.
I would also like to suggest a seperate program that lets you easily modify textures directly on to the model in-game model. You would have a drop down menu of cattegories and whithin those sub-cattegorie (Ex. Enemies -> Protectors -> Titans.) You then draw and/or load an image on to the model and save it. When you are done you simply export the project in a format that the game can read.
And have a texture installer where you import your saved project to and it applies the desired textures to the game. This would allow players to not only create their own texture themes for a more unique experience but to easily install community created textures as well.

I would like to make my own textures for own blocks in the world builder :smiley:
I summon you @ben to ask you if it’s possible?

im pretty sure all of the textures from the game is data collected from the server and not something on your own pc.

also this could easily be abused. im not saying YOU would do it, but if you could upload any textures you could make any material shine so you can always see them and the same with enemy players

Focus 1 for us is to make an awesome set of textures you won’t want to change. Not ruling it out in the future, but our aim isn’t to match Minecraft for feature parity, we want Oort to feel unique.


Yeah Texture editing was one of the best aspects of MC. Although it’s funny because all the Tex packs I used on MC look pretty similar to oort lol.
I think this would be a cool feature, but It seems like it would be hard for individuals to customize things based on the resolution of the game. I also wouldn’t put this super high up on the list of priorities .
I wonder if Wonderstruck could make multiple textures for the game and we could pick from them? I would be down for that. After the more important features are done ofc.

Oh well, one can only dream, I just used to make textures back in my minecraft days and it was something that I always used to enjoy. Thanks for responding!

That’s not no, by the way. It’s just that we want to build the core game first :smile:


I think the point here is that we want OO to look amazing out of the box. Enabling texture modding is extremely simple (in comparison to the general complexity of modding). But we don’t really know yet what will really excite players. Maybe customising their characters will be it. Maybe building worlds. Maybe texture packs. Who knows. But we’re not just assuming what worked for Minecraft will work for Oort Online.

But if making texture packs is interesting for you - you should campaign for it here on the forums. We’re listening…


Yeah, I think the main reason people started to use different textures in Minecraft was because of its style, which got old pretty quickly. I don’t see that happening in Oort with all the different coloured blocks and nice textures to begin with.

Well I was thinking about re coloring certain things to match the enviroment. Like if something was in a snowy enviroment add a little more blue coloring to certain stuff. Etc. just like little stuff here and there for fun.

I don’t think texture editing would be that big of a deal for oort was it was in MC seeing as it will have more to offer and also has a good look to it already

But if its a big deal to you I wouldn’t be surprise if someone did it for modded servers

Minecraft sucked people in by letting them change what they didn’t like or add things when they got bored of what was there, Oort is going to suck me in by making me not want to change a thing and always be pleasantly surprised. Am I right?

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A texture editor would be awesome. I probably wouldn’t use my own textures though. The default is so good.