Thank you boundless! (happy to announce some news!)

dear boundless community!

let me tell you a short story of how my life changed recently

I have been on a semi-break for roughly 2 weeks back then while I waited for the sovereigns to be released
after I returned or at least started to work on my shop at DkMall @DKPuncherello was there as well
I met this girl called Lea (May in-game and @May-L04 on the forums ), while I was building, I felt she was different :thinking:
I said to @DKPuncherello she was mine and something is happening between us, as i knew for some odd reason she was the one, she was so friendly and showed so much interest in me! ( we all know the internet is a dangerous place and nothing is what it seems and many masks are worn.
having such experience on the internet I locked myself in a bubble many years ago, anyways we started to talk a lot in-game and gone from discord to WhatsApp, to calls! i already knew she hit me with a love arrow and was able to hit me through the protection bubble :pleading_face: the longer we talked the harder it got, and i wanted to grab her and hug her and tell her in real how much she means to me and how much i love her! @May-L04 I F%@^# LOVE YOU!*.
after about 4-5months of chatting with each other, we really had to step up and decide on a meeting, I was pretty negative at times for taking the internet not serious enough and was scared i would not be the right person for her once met, since chatting online vs reality is on a whole new level she was so positive I was the right one, yet I said well I need to see how it goes not because i was scared of that i would not love her enough but more that I’m not good enough, yet she was so positive! :pray: so since last Sunday, she came to me even with Covid-19 it gave us huge trouble!
when she arrived that was the best day of my life! we even got a stronger bond and we already talk about living together, she is with me for 3 weeks and meanwhile, I won’t be in-game as much either she gets full priority! so boundless got us together but fate brought us together, i found my true love :heart: :heart: thank you @May-L04 :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :hugs:

update 28th of January 2021

Lea and I are happy to announce that we are pregnant (i feel a bit pregnant as well :slight_smile: not because of the food i just ate)
if everything goes as planned she will push out a healthy baby on earth in September 2021
I’ve never been so hyped to have made this possible with such a wonderful woman!
have you ever had that moment you love someone and you want to say something but no words could describe how you feel, well exactly that!
call it too early but there’s never a time to say it’s too early, even in some years it could break apart! but that’s not something one should worry and think about! but to just enjoy the time being together and make it work, if both give more than they take then you always get enough :slight_smile:

we are the perfect match and it feels like the right thing :slight_smile:
also, the pregnancy was planned made out of pure love :heart:


the name picked Benjamin

update 27th of September 2021

he is born! see post -->> Boundless Baby Boy Benjamin has been born!


What a wonderful story! May God bless you both for years of love and happiness together!


thank you! :heart:

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Good read. Me and my wife met online and we are still together Till this day (around 7years now).


Cuuuuuuute :heart:


did something good actually finally happen in 2020!?
grats to you both!


Love it, that is so sweet and heartwarming, congrats and much happiness to you both!! :smiley:


It was so lovely to read this story. I’m so happy for you guys! I would love to be in a boundless ceremony!!! I’m pretty sure there are plenty of beautiful chapels.


I’m looking forward to the Boundless bachelor party


congratulations! hang on to that one!

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Congratulations! I meet my husband online almost 11 years ago! Its the new dating age now a days!


D’awww. Work hard to make to keep working and best of luck.

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Its so awesome and good job on keeping it strong bro!

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I know right thanks!:heart:

Yeah something did! And thank matey! :blush:

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Thank you @bucfanpaka your words mean a lot! :blush::heart:

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I think overtime when the official living together takes place this can be done and its a good idea :grin: and thanks for the kind words @Dubbanz much appreciated :pray:

Who is 'HOST"ING :rofl::grin:

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Thanks! :blush: I will do the best I can , good communication is the key to a great relationship


Daaaayum thats long!!! Good job :heart::blush: yeah it is, I was just not expecting it not and not in boundless at all