Thank you Developers!

Hey oortians,I made this Topic because I want to so thank you to all the great developers in the U.K. You guys have done something so incredible with Oort online,and how hard it must be with only a small team of about 20. With all the cool amazing things that they’ve already done and all the things to come. Again I just want to say thank you. So everyone one who reads this,please tell the devs. thanks for all they are doing. Great jobs you guys!!


Yes indeed, Thank you for all you do, Devs!! :lester: :purple_heart: :chester:


Just changed it to General because Suggestion didn’t seem right^^

But yes, thanks devs that you make and made such a game.
And that you put up with people like me and zouls^^

I feel like i got insulted again xD

But indeed, i love how down to earth the devs are, i have rarely seen a game where they are so open to suggestions, discussion and debate, and in general just mingle with the community, hopefully oort will end as a game that the devs are proud of having made and at the same time many people love. we all have to do ours though to help them, the biggest problem is misinformation about the game, so many people just dismiss it as a mindless MC clone, so if the community spreads the word of the game it will grow faster.

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Well what goes around comes around^^

You not a bad person,just strongly opinioned,plus you are on every thred,so you’re a bigger “target”?

Thank you for changing it👍🏾

Its fine its fine, i know he didnt mean it in a cruel way, it was just a joke from my side xD

also i dont mind insults too much where the person who writes it also puts himself into it, im from denmark, our entier humor is built around self irony :smiley:

Hey - thanks for the message. :dancer: :star2: :beetle:

(And if you even wonder, messages like this really are appreciated. They make a refreshing change from crash reports and disgruntled players on Steam.)

Fingers crossed we’ll get the next update out soon. Quite a few things have built up within it. I’ll try and share some details once we’re confident the date will not slip.



No problem,I love to support you guys and this game. Oort’s not going to be a good game with the devs. just listening to haters.:kissing_smiling_eyes:

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:purple_heart: :chester: :purple_heart:

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@ben I just wanted to say I really admire how well you handle people on this forum. It’s a rare gift that few people are able manage with their clients and it makes being on these forums and providing input a real treat. Thank you :smiley: .


I wanna say thank you to the Devs for all the hard work on the Sovereign Worlds and I cant wait to get one no matter how they come out. :heart:

Might get more than one.


Yep, this… really getting excited brainstorming possibilities on it all! :grin:


I know right… my to do list has gone from short story to epic fantasy trilogy in length. It will be done and when it is completed there will be a celebration the likes of which have never been seen before!!! :joy:


A feast in our near future!


Invitations should arrive… eventually…

I wanted to make it classy so they’re being delivered by carrier pigeons.


one of the best necros ever? :open_mouth::joy:

but worth it - with all the disgruntled players around, let’s remind the devs they are appreciated :sunglasses:


Wow, this thread is from Aug 2015. We were still in ALPHA back then. @Dulki had to dig deep to necro this one, but then I guess you could say it’s a thank you from the bottom of his heart


says the ultimate WIP builder