Thank you everyone! Complete Buying Pale Moss #108 Gleam 4c/each

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Buying Pale Moss #108 Gleam 4c/each

2 request baskets located at TNT Gyosha Planet hub.

115k coins in total

Gleam location:


Keep that gleam coming people :grin:

Wieviel brauchst du denn? Ich habe aktuel 5 Ss
Werde noch einige besorgen denke ich

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He has enough coin in his baskets to buy a lil more than 29ss

I know he said he’s been having with issues with his internet so he hasn’t really been able to play cause it keeps dropping out


The pricing site says there is still enough coin for 29 SS. Appreciate any amount you sell honestly. :+1:

I’m losing my internet every 5-10 mins so haven’t been able to grab any myself.

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Kein problem. Ich werde morgen vorbei kommen und etwas hinein schmeissen :slight_smile:.


Thank you everyone that came and filled the baskets with so much gleam. They have been emptied and there is room for more now, about 90k coin left in total between two baskets.


Pssst sell me a ss :sweat_smile:

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Only if you can find a way into the dark room…:wink:

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I just dropped some stacks on you

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Thanks again really appreciate it. Was afk when you did that wasn’t ignoring ya.

Thanks again everyone. So much gleam! Setting to completed now :grin:

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