Thank you for devs

super thank you for the chisels im loving it making chiseled fountains all around my hamlet all the time :slight_smile:
love the game gonna upgrade acount sponsor some more :sunglasses:
thank you @james and the rest (dont know names)
for everything i waited longtime (2years) to find game to play that i like
cause im busy repairman/electricien

and im loving it since day one

bring me 1.0 im ready add rest later :wink:


IMO the whole building system of Boundless (plots, locks, conduits, chisels and more…) could justifiy a full featured video on the steam page. Just to show how crazy you can get by mixing all the currents tools together.

A few years ago we voted to stop this kind of tedious process, because it was made for insiders and with basic features, like doors and lanterns blocks. But now we are talking about a pretty solid base that not many game provide.