Thank you, @james and team

Just a simple and sincere thank @james and everyone past and present for bringing boundless into existence and bringing us this far.
This game is unique, bringing me peace and tranquillity in my gaming life (much needed after playing far too much wow and cod in the past :sweat_smile:).
Have played over 16k hours, so far, and hopefully that says it all.


I also want to say thank you. Boundless is really a special game.


Boundless has changed how I play and view other games in the genre and through it I have developed friendships I never would have otherwise. o7
If yall ever find yourselves in Texas, gimme a shout!


All praise Catfud our master :joy:

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I’ll throw my name in here.

I’ve obviously been extremely critical of @james over the years and this stems directly and almost solely from the lack of communication. That said, I give all credit where credit is due that James and team have built an absolutely incredible foundation and game that has allowed me to enjoy literally thousands of hours. So hats off to james and team on building such an incredible experience!