Thank you Regen Consortium!

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I have successfully gathered enough clay and ash for 600 mass crafts of brick mix!
I wish I knew about you guys before I gathered all of my mud on shedu tier (but at least I have a ton of exotic earthyams!)

158,400+ Clay soil (21,600 once compacted)
113,400+ ash

I thought these screenshots were pretty cool :slight_smile: That is how you know you are being efficient.

Now what do I do with all of this sulfur?


Restorative oil


Thanks! Looks like it is pretty useful for potions and should sell well. I believe I have enough to make around 5,000 oil. I will get to work on that after I craft up all my bricks


You should farm ash on level 5 or 6 planets and get Cobalt Fragments, too.


Cheaper on lower levels though, choices choices :smiley:


I use Regen Consortium for a few things as well. Great place. Always gotta have berries!